The Best Kind of Overwhelmed

Dude, it was amazing to see you this weekend! I already miss you like crazy, but I’m glad you made it home safe. And I’m serious when I say I literally miss you like crazy. This morning, I woke up at 2 a.m. and thought I heard your voice out in the living room. That’s the level of crazy, and exhausted, I am.

Before you left on Monday, you bought me a copy of Norse Gods by Neil Gaiman, which is a book I’ve had my eye on. I was so excited to start reading it, so I took it home and…put it on the huge pile of other books I’m excited to read.

Like the title of this post says, I am the best kind of overwhelmed right now. I have SO many books to read and podcasts to listen to and movies to watch, it’s a little intimidating. However, after spending a few months in a media rut, I am ecstatic to be in this position.

At the end of 2016, I was having a really hard time finding a book series that I could get into. I was craving the full immersion I experienced with series like Harry Potter and The Dresden Files, but just couldn’t find anything I really liked. I also just finished watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix and was dealing with the void that left, so I couldn’t really turn to TV. And, to top off my media rut, I had listened all of my favorite albums into the ground so even music felt boring.

Well, at the beginning of 2017, I decided to re-read The Dresden Files. It had been a while since I had read the whole series and I knew that I liked the series. It wasn’t something new, but hey, at least I knew it would keep my attention. The only copies of The Dresden Files we have are signed hardcovers. Not only are hardcovers difficult to fit into a purse, I didn’t want to risk banging up a SIGNED copy.

Thankfully, the local library had the series. How did Arthur put it? Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card!

I walked down to the public library and found Storm Front, the first of the Dresden Files books. I grabbed it, but then kept poking around, looking for other books that might look interesting. Long story short, I ended up walking away with five books, four of which I had never heard of.

I read all of them in a month. Seriously. I hadn’t felt that excited about reading since high school.

That is definitely where this reading frenzy really started. By walking into the public library, I caught the reading bug and it has been fantastic! I’m currently finishing the Hannibal Lecter book series and have Norse Gods, two Jack Ketchum novels, the Exorcist, Apt Pupil, a Michael Crichton novel, and the third Dresden Files book to read. I’ve also had to physically resist picking up a copy of Lazarus Rising and The Magicians. I have way too many books to read as is.

Oh, I also have 1984 to read for my book club. Woe is me, I have too many books to read.


This podcast is literally my aesthetic.

When you were in town, you also showed me this podcast phone app and sent me a few podcasts to check out. Well, I’m happy to report, I have fallen directly down the hole that is podcasts. I’m currently ten episodes into Nightvale and have seven other podcasts I’m dying to listen to. To try and get through Nightvale, I’ve started spending my lunches at work coloring and listening to podcasts. Adulthood at its finest.

And, too top off this media influx I’m experiencing, I have a growing list of movies I want to watch. I’ve been reading a ton of horror novels and have felt very inspired to go out and check out some of the classic horror films I have missed. I want to watch all of the Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers, and Hellraiser films as well as go out and find other classics like Poltergeist, The Exorcist, and Suspiria.

tumblr_oivjh6wp9h1s1v3r1o1_500The problem with this is I only have to many hours in the day and eight of them are taken by work and another six to eight are taken by sleeping. I also have other things I need to accomplish, like exercising, cleaning, and other adult responsibilities. It’s been a hard week for me because I literally just want to sit at home in my PJs and binge everything. I don’t want to work or exercise or do ANYTHING but read and listen and watch.

I went from being in a rut to having WAY TOO MUCH to do. When it rains, it really fucking pours.


I Hate Airports

I’m going to be honest, I wrote this post this morning. I had planned to write it last night, but after twelve hours of airplanes and airports I didn’t have the energy. I got home, unpacked, and then went to bed.

Thankfully, I knew exactly what I was going to write about. We talked about it the few times you caught me on one of my layovers, Daniel. I want to talk about why I hate airports.

#1 – They’re way too big

No this doesn’t apply to every airport. The airport I flew out of on Monday had only two gates so it was very easy to navigate. I guess what I really hate is that, when you have a layover, it’s ALWAYS in some big, sprawling, metro airport and your next gate is THREE MILES AWAY.

This is even more annoying when you consider how much junk I usually have to carry on the airplane with me. Checking bags is expensive and, more often than not, not that necessary. I literally spent three days away from home this week. I could easily fit everything I needed in one of my duffel bags, saving me money, but dooming me to lug ten pounds of junk with me as I walked all the way to my next gate.

Come on, people. Why can’t airlines just keep all their gates within a reasonable distance? I literally flew Alaska there and back and still had to take the tram in the Seattle airport to get to my next gate.

This is also annoying when you have a really short layover. I learned the hard way, specifically after having to run through the Minneapolis airport to catch my connection to Wisconsin, that you always want a minimum of an hour to navigate to the next gate. Yeah, a shorter layover means a quicker arrival, but you will take years off your life with all the stress of having to navigate the airport. Especially if it’s crowded, which leads to my next complaint…

#2 – The people are rude

I’m not sure why this happens, but people become so RUDE when they step into an airport. It’s like they completely forget there are other people around them and they’re sole focus is being first. It’s literally like the Hunger Games and I’m not going to pretend I’m not immune. I also become rude when I step into an airport, but that’s because everyone else is rude. Rudeness begets rudeness, I suppose.

One thing that absolutely drives me up the wall is when people stop in the middle of a walk way to look at the flight announcement boards. I get why they do it, but they need to let me know when they’re about to do it and move to the side of the walkway. I don’t know how many times I’ve nearly been knocked off balance because someone abruptly stops to check their flight gate. Dude, use a blinker or something.

#3 – Getting on and off the airplane is chaos

As you may remember, airplanes aren’t that big so getting on and off them is a pain in the butt. What specifically makes it awful is how, again, people completely forget their manners and just LINGER IN THE AISLE. Put your stuff in the overhead compartment and SIT DOWN.

Same for getting off the plane. Be ready to grab you stuff and move when it’s your turn. On my way down to California this year, a woman stood in the aisle and waited for everyone ahead of her to get off the airplane and THEN STARTED PULLING HER BAGS NOW. I nearly screeched in frustration. I already had my bag in hand and was ready to motor. She could’ve done the same thing.

Those are my three biggest complaints about airports. I have plenty more, like the cost of airport food or the bathrooms at airports, but I’ve covered the three most irksome in my opinion.

Sorry for posting this late, Daniel. I’m definitely in need of a nap after yesterday.


Republicans: Proudly Standing Against Progress

I liked your last post.  I use the phrase “guilty pleasure” many times but I’ve never really thought about what it meant.  I used to be embarrassed by things like that but since I turned old and have no time for this shit I proudly declare my love for K$sha and Taylor Swift for the world to see.  I’ll attempt to strike it from my vocabulary.


As a really clumsy segue: do you know who I would love to strike from my vocabulary?  Staunch republicans.  I feel like whenever something dumb is happening in politics I don’t even need to ask what happened; I feel safe with my guess of “the republicans got so rich they’re sick of the populous and are proposing a bill to have us all rounded up into camps.”

Seriously.  The recent law in North Carolina about barring transgender people from using the bathroom they identify their gender with is so frustrating to hear about.

You don’t know what I’m talking about?  Well the governor of North Carolina (R) signed into effect a bill that prevented local governments from enacting individual discrimination laws.  Sounds great!  Until that same law also said that people must legally use the bathroom that corresponds with their biological sex.

I.E. A woman born a man must use the men’s bathroom.

The law does say that if you have gender reassignment surgery you have your birth certificate changed!  Whoo!  Thank god gender reassignment surgery isn’t complicated, dangerous, or hard to get!

The people in N.C. say this is to prevent sexual predators from entering the bathrooms under the guise of being transgender.  Are you fucking kidding me.  There have been very few instances where this has ever happened, and even when it does it wasn’t a transgender person committing the crime.  It was some sicko committing a crime.

Thank god we changed this law.  It’ll stop those people who have been breaking laws in the first place from breaking laws!  Laws stop criminals all the time!  Do you think this’ll stop any predators?  If a person wants to enter the bathroom to commit a heinous crime this isn’t going to stop them.  In fact: there is already a case of a dude following a woman into a bathroom to confirm her gender!  So your fucking law just caused the thing you wanted to prevent!  ‘MERICA GODDAMNIT.

You know what?  To protect our men, women, and children- just to be safe- we should build separate water fountains and schools!

Out of fear and short sighted ignorance, North Carolina took an incredulous step backwards for civil rights.  Transgender people have a hard enough time just being alive, and you want them to feel incredibly unsafe entering a bathroom they don’t identify with?  So a transgender woman who’s been taking estrogen and works hard to have a convincingly female body now has to walk into a men’s bathroom?  I mean, your right, they have nothing to fear: hate crimes are illegal, too.  The law will protect them like its protecting all the men and women its protecting.

Why not just post soldiers at the doors?  Oh wait.  You’re right though, we’ll deal with that later.  After we’re done alienating some of our citizens.

Guh.  I see these headlines and its always a republican.

Proudly demanding that people have no choices in their own lives.

They are so terrified of their own shriveled micro-dicks that they can’t handle anything vaguely related to sexuality or genitalia.  Planned Parenthood?!  Providing free help and health care to young teens and people who can’t afford this shit?  NOT ON MY WATCH!  THIS IS AMERICA!  THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN MAKE DECISIONS ABOUT YOUR GENITALS ARE OLD, OUT OF TOUCH WHITE MEN.

I’m convinced that Texas republicans are trying to harm their female populous.  They are always on the war path to shut down Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics.  One famous instance a Texas woman filibustered an anti-abortion bill for 11 goddamn hours to protect the right to choose for women.  She (with the help of the supporting crowd) successfully filibustered it so they couldn’t vote it in and close almost all clinics that provide abortion services.

But these are republicans were talking about.  They don’t know how to be politicians except changing the rules like that fucking twat kid on the playground who changes them when he’s losing.

So they held another special meeting to vote upon it.  And since its a super duper special no girls allowed meeting, they can bypass certain parts of legislation and just vote it in.  And then they smugly proclaim victory over what is essentially just them masturbating in a room together.

You fucking idiots.  You were surrounded by hundreds of screaming people that were all opposing you.  When that many people show up to stop you, why don’t you take any time and try and rationalize why they are doing it?  Maybe… wait…maybe, um, MAYBE PEOPLE DON’T WANT THIS.

No, no!  You are right!  I’m so sorry!  I forgot that your personal opinion matters so much more than the opinions of hundreds of people.

Why the fuck do they care about a choice that they don’t have to make?  I’m pro-choice, but mostly that’s because I believe women should have the right over their own bodies.  I’m for abortion because I believe there are people who can’t or shouldn’t have kids.

I’ll vote for them to have the choice, every time.  Also- I don’t have a fucking vagina.  So why am I having a say?  Men in congress and men in local governments shouldn’t have a say unless they are a trained professionals.  Doctors and gynecologists.  Its an decision that should only really be decided by women who have the appropriate equipment.

If I don’t have a race car I do not belong in the Indy 500.

You would have rape victims find it nearly impossible to get abortions.  You would have them give birth to evidence of one of the most horrific moments of their lives.  You would have them look their rapists in the eyes everyday.

I acknowledge that some women might see it as a new chance to not be defined as a survivor, but a mother.

Until the rapist demands rights over their kids.

The fuck is wrong with you.  Republican monsters.

You have to change the rules every time someone follows them.  Every time they jump through every stupid hoop you put in front of them you demand more arbitrary things.  One you can hear about on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is that clinics that provide services for women’s health need 8 foot hallways.  Republicans loudly state that this is for the health and safety of women.

We all know what you are doing.  Its the same tactic that small children use to try and get what they want.

What the hell do 8 foot hallways have to do with sexual health?  Well its so that two gurneys can pass each other in the hallway!  Duh!  It’s only coincidental that most buildings are retrofitted to be clinics and really have no need for gurneys.  A standard hallway is only like 4 feet across.  Unless you are at a hospital, most buildings aren’t running people around on wheeled beds.

So when they change these rules are arbitrary times, most clinics have a serious issue- the building they set up in doesn’t follow these rules and then must shut down.  So dozens of clinics have to close their doors.  Fewer clinics mean that women all have to use the same one.  With that much traffic it becomes difficult for women to get appointments when then they need.  Some women and even young girls have had to give up and have a baby, even if it means ruining their lives forever.

Don’t worry girls, when you are upset at your situation, just take solace in the fact that the republicans in your government whined and pleaded to have these facilities shut down for your safety and well-being.  They denied you affordable healthcare.

Its not just women they seem to hate.  Obama passed the Affordable Care Act which- in a nutshell- requires employers to provide healthcare for their employees and sets up a network of healthcare providers that people can choose from.

Essentially Obama is just trying to make having healthcare more accessible for the public.

And the republicans are having none of that shit.

They’ve opted to shut down the government instead of voting for budgets that provide healthcare for people who have trouble paying the ridiculous premiums.  So when GOP budget bills come through they refuse to vote them through, which causes the government to shut down.  Hundreds of people out of work.  Livelihoods damaged.  People dipping into savings.  This is what the republicans wanted instead of just working to be an effective government.  I mean- they don’t care- they get paid regardless.  

Of course they claim it has good reason.  Its faulty!  The website doesn’t work!  It’ll drive up prices!  Ever better they argue against GOP budgets because our national debt is so high already we can’t borrow against it.

They could’ve banded together to work towards perfecting this system, but since being a sore loser is much more important to them the reject that notion.  Instead of providing us a functional and effective government they’d rather play a devious game of “Fuck you I’m taking my ball and going home!”


I’m not saying democrats or independents are perfect.  But it annoys me that it always seems like republicans can’t handle the fact that they aren’t politically as relevant so they have to continually yell and scream at stuff that is new and confusing.  We could work together to find happy mediums but they are playing a stupid game with our lives.  Governments should serve and protect the people, not draw lines in the sand and fuck with peoples lives.


I feel better.