Now We Fight

Many of us are outraged.  I certainly am.  For me this election transcended the normal political back and forth.  It stopped being about political discourse- to me, like many, this became a matter of precedence.  How can we possibly elect someone so blatantly racist, sexist, homophobic, and Islamophobic?  He has said nothing that makes sense and yet he’s tapping into peoples fears and bigotry instead of worrying about the country.

Well, America voted.

So now we have a racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic bigot as our President-Elect.

Last week we mourned, Emily.  But this week, this week we fight.

Before we wage a war, we all need to be warriors.  I’ll make a warrior of you yet.



It’s easy to give into fear and anger.  It’s even easier to just lie there.  We all try and fathom, explain, debate, and rationalize what has taken place.  We desperately try and wrap ourselves up in our bubbles; the echo chambers that don’t argue, don’t disagree, don’t make us uncomfortable start to envelop us into believing that things will smooth over.  Humans want comfort and it’s easier to believe that some group of people or some governing body will fix this while we stay wrapped in our blankets.

No, it is much more important that, no matter the scenario, we stand back up.  Take a stance and hold it.  Don’t hold it for ideals,  don’t hold it for people.  Stand up for you.  For your own well being.  Everything will be all right as long as we get back up.

No matter what comes, the first step to fighting anything is to not be in a vulnerable position.  Stand up.  Understand who you are.  Understand why you do.


The Mountain

as the
Nothing may
topple who you are.



What is anger?  Define anger without using the word angry or mad.  Its hard.  But I posit to you readers:

Anger is the feeling of having a boundary crossed by someone or something.

It’s hard to accept.  It’s harder to understand.  Even more difficult is the imagine that their are people who don’t think and act like us.  People are complex creatures with complex feelings.  It’s easy for us to forget that we exist inside bubbles.

So now we breath.  We do nothing.  We take a moment to just be.

It’s hard to accept.  It’s harder to understand.  Even more difficult is the imagine that their are people who don’t think and act like us.  People are complex creatures with complex feelings.  It’s easy for us to forget that we exist inside bubbles.

So now we breath.  We do not lash out at people.  We do not rail against ideas or concepts.  We take a moment to let our anger and our fear go.  Try and understand that people who we deem our opponents feel the same anger and fear for the exact reasons we feel joy and comfort.

Center yourself.  Feel your emotions but do not be beholden to them.  Understand your emotions but do not succumb to haste or hate.


The Moment

A moment.
A place without.
A time that is still.
A time that is now.
A place within.
A moment.



Finally we act.  But battles will not be won and lost based on strength.  It will be based on understanding.  Understanding ourselves and understanding others.  Now you must open yourself to others.  Other people, other ideas.  Open your eyes to yourself.  Try and understand the feelings you’ve come to terms with.  Why are you afraid?  Why are you mad?

Now instead of trying to use words; use evidence.  Read articles, read studies.  Read information that you don’t agree with.  Read opinions you don’t agree with.  Try and discover why your opinions differ.  Arm yourself with the information you need to create informed opinions.  With informed opinions you can have informed discussions.  With informed discussions you can shape ideas.

People are not the enemy.  Ignorance is the enemy.  You must arm yourself against it so that other people cannot use your emotions against you.

Be wary not to become emotional.  Ideas are complex.  People are complex.  Imagine how your ideas and feelings have been crafted since you were a child.  Imagine how other peoples ideas and feelings have been crafted since they were a child.  No one is singular in thought.  Time and experience teaches everyone different lessons.


The Book

Within yourself you           contain many pages.
Fill those pages           with who you are.
Fill those pages           with who others are.
Become a book so           that you may learn.
Within your pages           contain knowledge.



You are immune to the opinions of your opponents.  You are immune to how the media attempts to warp you.  You see through lies.  You research your ideas.  You cannot be shaped by the hands of another.

This makes you the fiercest warrior to who would stand against you.

They cannot tap into your fear or ignorance.  They cannot push past you with distracting rhetoric.  You understand them and why they feel the way they do.  You can now use this knowledge to strike at their weak points.  Where their ideas are weak, where their fears are greatest.

But do not rush.  Become a slow moving force.  Be a calm leader.  As you walk you will pull others into your wake.  You can help them.  You can teach them.  They can help you.  They can teach you.  You walk together as a massive force to change the world.  It will not be fast.  It will not be today.  The important part is to walk together, to protect one another, to reach out to one another.  To keep moving.  Keep moving forward together.  Every step, no matter how little, matters.  But you must all walk together because we do not create a movement alone.

Someday you must hope that we all walk together to combat hatred and fear.  Little by little.


The Path

Walk your
line strong
and tall.
more of
you walk
the line
it becomes
a path,
then a
street, then
a highway.


Be as the mountain.


Take a quiet moment.


Be open to new ideas.


Walk together.


Do not let anger and fear hold you in place.  Take the time you need to get past it- but at the end of the day you have to stand back up.  Stand for something.  Stand for yourself first.


What makes you angry about the election?  What are you afraid is going to happen?  Take the time you need to internalize it.  Once you’ve regained focus its time to look up that hill.


Find what cause you want to champion.  Do not worry about all of them at once.  Pick one for now, and learn what you can about your side.  Then learn what you can about the other side.  Be vigilant and diligent.  This isn’t about battling people.  This is about attaining information and spreading it.  Share an interesting article.  Have informed opinions.  Have informed discussions.

Try and keep a finger on the pulse of the problems.  I recommend having at least 3 sources for any article you read.  It doesn’t take much time.  I use BBC, ABC News, and NBC News.  This isn’t so you can call them up at a moments notice, but reading 3 different articles on an event helps reduce bias and learn more thoroughly on the topic.  Headlines are meant to grab your attention- read the article, not just the thumbnail.  Do this enough and you will become a champion.  Then you pick another cause.

Be sure to watch your opponents actions as well.  What they do matters more then what they said.  The can mislead and distract you with powerful rhetoric.  Pay attention to what they do.


Armed with knowledge, move forward and help others move forward as well.  What cause do you want to champion?  Reach out to organizations and learn more to help.  Stay knowledgeable on whats going on in local and national politics.  The more knowledgeable you are the more confidently you can vote.  Be sure to be involved locally because this is the line in the sand.

We have hate in the White House, we don’t need it in each city.

It sounds like a lot to do at once but it really isn’t.  This isn’t a story where you need to read any prequels.  Start with stuff happening today.  Legislation in your cities should take precedence.  Individuals are the foundation of what this country is built on.  Change the smallest point and we’ll eventually move forward into larger districts, into larger cities, into the Congress, into the White House.  But it starts with each of us individually first.  Rhetoric has failed us, your actions matter more than your words.


Stand tall for yourself first.  If you can’t stand for your self you stand for nothing.


Take a moment.  Use your emotions constructively.  Lashing out at people does not help an idea grow.


Be receptive to all forms of information.  Scrutinize.  Compare.  Contrast.  Be an expert.


From the smallest town to the White House.  Be involved with one another.  We shall become a tidal wave.

If this helped you stay focused please send it to someone.  Together we are strong.


P.S.  A good couple of reads are the 33 Strategies of War and the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene.




Republicans: Proudly Standing Against Progress

I liked your last post.  I use the phrase “guilty pleasure” many times but I’ve never really thought about what it meant.  I used to be embarrassed by things like that but since I turned old and have no time for this shit I proudly declare my love for K$sha and Taylor Swift for the world to see.  I’ll attempt to strike it from my vocabulary.


As a really clumsy segue: do you know who I would love to strike from my vocabulary?  Staunch republicans.  I feel like whenever something dumb is happening in politics I don’t even need to ask what happened; I feel safe with my guess of “the republicans got so rich they’re sick of the populous and are proposing a bill to have us all rounded up into camps.”

Seriously.  The recent law in North Carolina about barring transgender people from using the bathroom they identify their gender with is so frustrating to hear about.

You don’t know what I’m talking about?  Well the governor of North Carolina (R) signed into effect a bill that prevented local governments from enacting individual discrimination laws.  Sounds great!  Until that same law also said that people must legally use the bathroom that corresponds with their biological sex.

I.E. A woman born a man must use the men’s bathroom.

The law does say that if you have gender reassignment surgery you have your birth certificate changed!  Whoo!  Thank god gender reassignment surgery isn’t complicated, dangerous, or hard to get!

The people in N.C. say this is to prevent sexual predators from entering the bathrooms under the guise of being transgender.  Are you fucking kidding me.  There have been very few instances where this has ever happened, and even when it does it wasn’t a transgender person committing the crime.  It was some sicko committing a crime.

Thank god we changed this law.  It’ll stop those people who have been breaking laws in the first place from breaking laws!  Laws stop criminals all the time!  Do you think this’ll stop any predators?  If a person wants to enter the bathroom to commit a heinous crime this isn’t going to stop them.  In fact: there is already a case of a dude following a woman into a bathroom to confirm her gender!  So your fucking law just caused the thing you wanted to prevent!  ‘MERICA GODDAMNIT.

You know what?  To protect our men, women, and children- just to be safe- we should build separate water fountains and schools!

Out of fear and short sighted ignorance, North Carolina took an incredulous step backwards for civil rights.  Transgender people have a hard enough time just being alive, and you want them to feel incredibly unsafe entering a bathroom they don’t identify with?  So a transgender woman who’s been taking estrogen and works hard to have a convincingly female body now has to walk into a men’s bathroom?  I mean, your right, they have nothing to fear: hate crimes are illegal, too.  The law will protect them like its protecting all the men and women its protecting.

Why not just post soldiers at the doors?  Oh wait.  You’re right though, we’ll deal with that later.  After we’re done alienating some of our citizens.

Guh.  I see these headlines and its always a republican.

Proudly demanding that people have no choices in their own lives.

They are so terrified of their own shriveled micro-dicks that they can’t handle anything vaguely related to sexuality or genitalia.  Planned Parenthood?!  Providing free help and health care to young teens and people who can’t afford this shit?  NOT ON MY WATCH!  THIS IS AMERICA!  THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN MAKE DECISIONS ABOUT YOUR GENITALS ARE OLD, OUT OF TOUCH WHITE MEN.

I’m convinced that Texas republicans are trying to harm their female populous.  They are always on the war path to shut down Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics.  One famous instance a Texas woman filibustered an anti-abortion bill for 11 goddamn hours to protect the right to choose for women.  She (with the help of the supporting crowd) successfully filibustered it so they couldn’t vote it in and close almost all clinics that provide abortion services.

But these are republicans were talking about.  They don’t know how to be politicians except changing the rules like that fucking twat kid on the playground who changes them when he’s losing.

So they held another special meeting to vote upon it.  And since its a super duper special no girls allowed meeting, they can bypass certain parts of legislation and just vote it in.  And then they smugly proclaim victory over what is essentially just them masturbating in a room together.

You fucking idiots.  You were surrounded by hundreds of screaming people that were all opposing you.  When that many people show up to stop you, why don’t you take any time and try and rationalize why they are doing it?  Maybe… wait…maybe, um, MAYBE PEOPLE DON’T WANT THIS.

No, no!  You are right!  I’m so sorry!  I forgot that your personal opinion matters so much more than the opinions of hundreds of people.

Why the fuck do they care about a choice that they don’t have to make?  I’m pro-choice, but mostly that’s because I believe women should have the right over their own bodies.  I’m for abortion because I believe there are people who can’t or shouldn’t have kids.

I’ll vote for them to have the choice, every time.  Also- I don’t have a fucking vagina.  So why am I having a say?  Men in congress and men in local governments shouldn’t have a say unless they are a trained professionals.  Doctors and gynecologists.  Its an decision that should only really be decided by women who have the appropriate equipment.

If I don’t have a race car I do not belong in the Indy 500.

You would have rape victims find it nearly impossible to get abortions.  You would have them give birth to evidence of one of the most horrific moments of their lives.  You would have them look their rapists in the eyes everyday.

I acknowledge that some women might see it as a new chance to not be defined as a survivor, but a mother.

Until the rapist demands rights over their kids.

The fuck is wrong with you.  Republican monsters.

You have to change the rules every time someone follows them.  Every time they jump through every stupid hoop you put in front of them you demand more arbitrary things.  One you can hear about on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is that clinics that provide services for women’s health need 8 foot hallways.  Republicans loudly state that this is for the health and safety of women.

We all know what you are doing.  Its the same tactic that small children use to try and get what they want.

What the hell do 8 foot hallways have to do with sexual health?  Well its so that two gurneys can pass each other in the hallway!  Duh!  It’s only coincidental that most buildings are retrofitted to be clinics and really have no need for gurneys.  A standard hallway is only like 4 feet across.  Unless you are at a hospital, most buildings aren’t running people around on wheeled beds.

So when they change these rules are arbitrary times, most clinics have a serious issue- the building they set up in doesn’t follow these rules and then must shut down.  So dozens of clinics have to close their doors.  Fewer clinics mean that women all have to use the same one.  With that much traffic it becomes difficult for women to get appointments when then they need.  Some women and even young girls have had to give up and have a baby, even if it means ruining their lives forever.

Don’t worry girls, when you are upset at your situation, just take solace in the fact that the republicans in your government whined and pleaded to have these facilities shut down for your safety and well-being.  They denied you affordable healthcare.

Its not just women they seem to hate.  Obama passed the Affordable Care Act which- in a nutshell- requires employers to provide healthcare for their employees and sets up a network of healthcare providers that people can choose from.

Essentially Obama is just trying to make having healthcare more accessible for the public.

And the republicans are having none of that shit.

They’ve opted to shut down the government instead of voting for budgets that provide healthcare for people who have trouble paying the ridiculous premiums.  So when GOP budget bills come through they refuse to vote them through, which causes the government to shut down.  Hundreds of people out of work.  Livelihoods damaged.  People dipping into savings.  This is what the republicans wanted instead of just working to be an effective government.  I mean- they don’t care- they get paid regardless.  

Of course they claim it has good reason.  Its faulty!  The website doesn’t work!  It’ll drive up prices!  Ever better they argue against GOP budgets because our national debt is so high already we can’t borrow against it.

They could’ve banded together to work towards perfecting this system, but since being a sore loser is much more important to them the reject that notion.  Instead of providing us a functional and effective government they’d rather play a devious game of “Fuck you I’m taking my ball and going home!”


I’m not saying democrats or independents are perfect.  But it annoys me that it always seems like republicans can’t handle the fact that they aren’t politically as relevant so they have to continually yell and scream at stuff that is new and confusing.  We could work together to find happy mediums but they are playing a stupid game with our lives.  Governments should serve and protect the people, not draw lines in the sand and fuck with peoples lives.


I feel better.




Overwhelmed by What I Want to Learn

I really enjoyed your post about acting on impulse.  I feel its a lesser known wisdom that people don’t take advantage of more often.  Being an artist I work on deadlines that are sometimes absurd.  In this line of work, sometimes you need to grab whatever appears to you first and just sprint.  The toughest part is learning to ignore or overtake your doubt.

You were a pretty studious and organized kid.  It was the family joke for a while that you don’t actually need friends or loved ones as long as you have books!  Hilarious!

Then you got married and we all had to begrudgingly shut up.

As for me as a kid, I was definitely distracted.  I wasn’t a bad student, or a bad kid, or even just unfocused.  I use the word distracted because I spent a lot of time and energy finding and utilizing the path of least resistance.  I had other priorities!  There were like, video games to play, Thundercats to watch, and weekends to look forward to!  Who on earth has time for reading, school, books, and planners?

I got middling grades throughout elementary, middle, and high school.  Even the first half of college I spent a lot of time just treading water.  Not really falling behind, and never really sprinting for any finish line.  I didn’t want to fail, but I didn’t care enough to get that A.

And now, long after school is over and college is finished, I kinda, sorta, maybe resent my past self.

Its really unfair and unrealistic to expect a kid to try and please their future selves.  It takes away from being a kid.  We’ll blame the parents for this one.  But looking back I skipped a lot of interesting classes and picked easier topics so I had more time for dumb things in my evening, like bad girlfriends and Kingdom Hearts.

I’m a 3D artist, and as any artist can tell you there are always more techniques to learn and skills to practice.  I’m also a college graduate, and as any college graduate can tell you, you almost never learn as much as you needed or wanted to.

So now I’m an adult and now I have found the drive to not tread water, but to run and climb the enormous mountain of stuff I need to learn.  Not even need, I want to learn.

There is a list of crap I can list for what I want to learn in 3D.  I’d list it all here but it’ll seem like I’m picking words out of the dictionary and turning them into verbs.  I need to learn to skin, rig, deform, animate, bake normals and all sorts of other stuff.  The techniques I use in my work are what I found work the best in my workflow, and that is fine!  But I watch movies like How to Train Your Dragon and Ratatouille and I can only think to myself “I want to learn how to do that!  I want to tour these places and work with them to create amazing things!”

Meanwhile I’m building just an insurmountable amount of store fixtures.  I’ve made so many fixtures that they could fill a Wal-mart.  I’ve built the fixtures that actually belong in a Wal-mart.  That’s how my cover letter would go:

Dear Dean Dublois,

I heard that How to Train Your Dragon 3 was announced and I want to be an artist working on the movie.  If you have need of someone to create, say, a Wal-mart full of store fixtures for your movie about vikings and dragons, I am your guy!



I want to create these amazing things!  I already get to create super cool designs for specialty sports stores and those are cool, but I could make Toothless.  The big problem is that I don’t know how.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I’m doing in my career, but I think it’s human nature to want more.

And this is just my rant about my career!  There is so much about the world I just don’t understand.  And I’m trying to learn!

Seriously though, I didn’t understand the financial crisis in Greece, and I don’t understand the refugee problem in Syria and Europe.  Why did we go to war in Iraq?  People try and give these things really succinct causes and effects but the reality is that humans simplify because generally they are too large to fathom.

I fundamentally don’t understand the pros and cons of immigration in America.  I live here.  I should know, shouldn’t I?  Politics, man.  That’s its own little wormhole.  The police situations in Ferguson and other similar situations.  The internet and the media hype it, but is there a bias?  Am I getting the whole story?

If only we had some sort of institution in place that would educate a kid from age 6 to 18 about all the goings on in the world.  Man that would be handy.

I want to be well educated individual.  I don’t want to be manipulated by bias and agenda.  I don’t necessarily believe that everything is trying to trick me, but I think there is value on being able to teach myself and form my own unique opinions and ideas.

Its just so much.  Its so intimidating.

I’d better go relax myself by playing games, watching Thundercats, and thinking about the weekend.