The 2017 Takeaway

This was a pretty busy year for me since I kept starting projects that have no designated end point. I started two (almost three) different RPG campaigns as a Game Master.

I built my own DnD sandbox world called Nemoria and I’m brainstorming for it nearly every moment I’m awake. In Rogue Trader we recently finished our first arc and I’m preparing for the next one. It doesn’t feel like I achieved a ton this year until I read my post about 2017.

First up: read more. While I have by no means read a lot I have definitely read more this year than the last ten years combined.  For me it was quite a lot, but I read like 9 books. I probably would’ve made it through more but a Steven Erikson book tripped me up bad. I think I legitimately spent like four months slogging through it. It was rough.

Next on the list: run a Rogue Trader campaign. Judging by my crazy number of Rogue Trader posts I think we can say that’s going well. We’ve had hiccups and pacing issues but I think we finally have an understanding. It sounds like people are having fun and are wanting more.

Oh damn this is a good one: have my credit card number under $500. Well, I can’t claim that I did this all myself. Mom and dad stepped in for the final bit and my credit card is gone. That card has been paid completely off and closed.

Next one was “build one goddamn robot by 2018.” Technically that’s a check on the list. I built a kit that comes with all the instructions and parts needed to do some modular builds. I built it, but it wasn’t as in depth as I wanted. The really complicated one’s that will teach me about parts and programming cost thousands of dollars. But yes— I built a robot.

Listen to more podcasts and watch less YouTube. I would say I don’t watch less YouTube, but I watch YouTube more productively. I go on less re-watch binges, and I only watch new content. I do listen to more podcasts— I’m up to date on Welcome to Nightvale. I listen to Dear Hank and John as well as Unpopular Opinion. There are a handful of story podcasts I jam through.

Better eating habits. Debatable. I would say this one didn’t go well. I still snack and drink soda, but I did lose 20 lbs. So uh— sideways pass.

Total Party Failure on “I want to draw more.”

I have been walking a lot more this year. During the summer I was walking nearly ever day, at least thirty minutes. Mom gave me a fitbit and I was hiting 10,000 steps maybe every other day. As I mentioned previously, I lost 20 lbs— so something is going right. It’s much harder when its cold and rainy, but I was doing well when it was warm.

The last part of my Plan for 2017 was “do more.” I think I’ve succeeded. I probably wasn’t as productive as I wanted. I always fantasize about basically starting a Bauhaus of creativity with my friends. I started Rogue Trader, which spawned a bunch of campaigns within our group. Ellis is running a campaign, and so is my buddy Mikey. Basically everyone at my work wants to play now. We started a second blog, which is still going and that’s cool. I still want to try and have a novel/novella written by my birthday. I’m not feeling confident about that one but we’ll see.

So what is in store for 2018?

I can’t say I honestly know. I’m doing a lot now and I know what I’d like to try and do so I’ll list that now in no particular order:

  • Beat more of my video games.
  • Read my shelf full of “books I haven’t read yet.”
  • Finish my Nemoria module
  • Write a story. A finished one, not pieces.
  • Do at least one bit of freelance game dev writing
  • Publish something on GM Guild

Tall orders, but I surprised myself this year. Let’s see if I can go two for two!



The Plan for 2017

Amazing how we even spoke in person that I had to write my post on Thursday and I still freakin’ managed to forget to do it for almost two whole days.

So here I am at the very end of 2016 just having ate pizza and sipping a Pepsi and hanging out with Laryssa.  In my own apartment that I can afford with a career I started this year.  On a personal level this year was awesome and a lot of new things began for me.

But dwelling on my past successes is what leads me to become complacent so I don’t want to do that.  So… what’s the plan?

I do not believe in “new year resolutions” since that means I can only be resolved on stuff once a year.  Resolutions also feel like something I can fail and give up on.  And if I am fucking amazing at anything its failing and giving up.

So instead I’m going to ask myself- “What am I going to regret not having done more at this time next year?”

I want to read more in general.  Financial situations have put me in tricky positions when it comes to buying books and comics but I should still try and read more.  When I’m reading I feel sharper and more eloquent.  This includes the news and periodicals.  I already mentioned in a previous post that I’m going to pay much closer attention to the news since this year facts lost to feelings.  It’ll also be important for me to be reading more because of the next thing.

I want to run a fun Rogue Trader campaign.  The reason this is part of the 2017 Plan is because it’s almost guaranteed that its not going to go the way I want.  That’s not a bad thing, but the goals I have for the campaign are mathematically incapable of being the same goals my players have.  When this happens I need to keep going even if I’m frustrated and want to fail and give up.  I think it’ll help me become more of a critical thinker and improve my interpersonal skills.

I want to try and have my credit card under $500 by the end of the year.  Being fiscally responsible is something I have problems with.  It’ll be important for me to develop good habits.

I want to build one goddamn robot by 2018.

I would like to listen to more podcasts.  I watch a lot of YouTube.  Like… a lot of YouTube.  Not really an issue except a lot of that is re-watching stuff.  Out of boredom I go and find my old favorites.  I can spend that time consuming more media like podcasts so I have more to talk about.  Hell- I can listen to more educational podcasts and better educate myself.

I want to develop better eating habits.  I snack a lot.  Last time I went to the doctor he expressed concern about my cholesterol.  That has sort of kicked me into gear but I think its time that I more regularly eat salads, soups, and sandwiches.  This will be to offset my diet of Taco Bell, chili cheese fries, pizza, and soda.  While I’m better at the “in moderation” part it might be time to just phase some of these out of my diet.

I want to draw more.  Drawing was part of what set me on my design path.  I don’t draw anymore.  Time to get in touch with myself.

I want to walk more.  I spend probably 80% of my time staring at electronic screens.  I think that’s probably fine but it’ll be better for me to get away and be inside my own mind.

In general I just want to do more.  Complacent is a word I can use to describe myself and I think I need to switch that up.  So here is to hoping I don’t regret what I achieve this coming year and I hope its on an upward trend.

Lets do this.