What a Terrible Week

Obviously my post this week is going up late. I wish I had a decent excuse as to why, but it really all comes down to the fact that I’ve had a crappy week.

It all started on Monday when I was dropped off at the airport.

The morning had been pretty easy. I got up, packed the few things I would need for my work trip, and then had a friend drop me off at the airport. We left about thirty minutes earlier than we needed to because I wanted to buy him a cup of coffee as a ‘thank you’ for driving me to the airport. Michael had a pretty nasty cold so he didn’t want to get up early and take me, which was fine. However, that side trip to the coffee shop took about a third of the time I had thought it would, so I ended up at the airport an hour and a half before my flight.

Now, you might say, “An hour and a half? That’s barely enough time to get through security!” Well, that is one of the many benefits of living in a small town like mine. Our airport has only one security gate and it takes like five minutes to get through it. You could get to the airport thirty minutes before your flight and still have time to use the restroom and get a snack.

Anyway, I wasn’t too worried about it. Being early is better than being late, right? And that just gave me more time to work on my laptop. No big deal.

Well, the WiFi wasn’t working and I did have a few urgent emails to send before we got to our destination. I thought to myself, “well that’s crappy, but oh well. I can work when we get to our first layover.” Little did I know that the day was only going to go downhill from there.

About twenty minutes after I arrived, I found out the flight was delayed by an hour so I was actually almost three hours early to an airport that had a grand total of two gates. Did I also mention that you walk directly out onto the tarmac to get to your flight? That tiny.

So I settled in to do some reading while I waited on my flight and then noticed something interesting on my flight itinerary. My first layover was only about forty five minutes, which meant that this hour delay in my first flight was going to make me miss my connection.

Well fuck.

After some finagling, the flight agent managed to find me another connection down in San Francisco. However, the flight was a red eye and I would be getting to my destination at 6 a.m. the next morning. My meeting started at 8 a.m. the next morning so, if everything went as planned, I would get a grand total of two hours to get to the hotel, shower, change, drink as much coffee as humanly possible, and then head right to my ten hour meeting.

Well fuck.

Everything did end up going as planned from there, but I’m not going to lie and say Tuesday was a good day. It sucked. It sucked so much. I was able to sit through my all day meeting, but I had to get up and move around every twenty minutes or so to make sure I didn’t fall asleep where I was sitting. I also hadn’t thought my wardrobe through and brought heels to wear to my meeting. Thankfully, I did not fall on my face.

The meeting was two days, so I did manage to get a decent night’s sleep at the hotel. However, the next day I had to pack up and head the airport right after the meeting because I had another late evening flight to catch. If I had known I was going to end up taking a red eye in the first place, I would have never agreed to such a late flight.

So, in conclusion, I got to my destination at 6 in the morning and spent a grand total of about thirty six hours there before I had to fly home.

Well fuck.

So I got home and slept for about ten hours before heading into work to catch up on emails and check in on a few projects. During my very brief day, I got a phone call saying I had been denied on a very awesome opportunity, which I will tell you about later, Daniel. After that I went home, opened a beer, and climbed into bed to rewatch Gilmore Girls for the hundredth time because when you’re depressed, there’s not much else you can do.

After a few episodes, Michael managed to cheer me up and I finally felt energized enough to write my post. And then, boom. I got hit by a migraine.

Well fuck.

After taking aspirin and sleeping for another ten hours, I was able to get out of bed and go to work this morning, where I frantically tried to catch up a project I missed before I was kicked out of my office for an event. Still have a bit of a headache, but at least it’s manageable, right?


Anyway, here’s my post. It’s a little pointless and has no deeper meaning, but at least I got to bitch about my weekend. Maybe next time I’ll have something meaningful to write about.



The Derailing Power of a Migraine

This week I had planned to write about the drawbacks of competition. I had planned to write about how comparing myself to others while running just took away from my own enjoyment. It was going to be beautiful and deep.

Instead, I’m going to write about migraines and how much they suck.

A migraine is the reason this post went up so late, and, yes, I am willing to do a punishment to make up for that, Daniel.

According to Wikipedia, a migraine is a neurological condition characterized by a headache that is often accompanied by nausea, sensitivity to light, sound, and smell, and sometimes vomiting. About one third of migraine sufferers will also experience auras, which are “sensory disturbances.” No one is quite sure what causes migraines. It could be environmental triggers, genetics, or a combination of both.

Now that I’ve given you the technical description, let’s talk about how awful migraines actually are. That description does not even begin to scratch the surface.

I spent this week in Seattle for work. This week was stressful to say the least and because I was in a strange hotel I barely got any sleep. I also drank lots of free coffee while at the conference and ate tons of…what’s a diplomatic way to say this….well…lots of crap. I got home yesterday around 7:30. unpacked, took a shower, and then was hit with a migraine.

As I said earlier, migraines can be passed on through genetics. My dad, sister, aunt, and cousin all get migraines so I know I’m genetically predispositioned for them. Combine that with this awful week and it’s not surprising I ended up with a migraine.

It started when I came out of the shower to look at something on my husband, Michael’s, computer. I couldn’t look at the screen. Now I could make out what was on the screen, but I couldn’t focus on anything. I felt like I was drunk, but without the fun, tingly feeling that comes with alcohol. I recoiled from the screen and immediately closed my eyes.

Next came the aura. Auras for me are visual and often come before the headache arrives. The auras look like tiny flashing lights in my vision that clump together into larger shapes. Yesterday the lights were in one straight line right above my right eye. I took some painkillers and waited for the next wave of symptoms, all the time unable to focus on anything.

I started to feel nauseas, but not like normal nausea that just makes your stomach gurgle and your throat gag. This nausea starts at the bottom of your stomach and pulls up, as if your body is trying to reject your entire digestive system. You can feel it in you throat, in your ears, and behind your eyes. Everything feels sick.

I laid down on the couch and covered my head with a blanket to avoid the light, which felt like needles in my eyes. The headache had finally started and, like most migraines, it was only on one side of my head, the right side to be exact. It was sharp and pointed, like a hot nail pressed into the back of my skull.

I stayed on the couch in hopes that the migraine would go away and I could get back to my life, but to no avail. I finally got up and stumbled to bed, but not before the tingles started in my hands. Now when Wikipedia says an aura is a “sensory disturbance,” it means it can be any of your senses, including touch. My auras are generally visual, but I sometimes get numbness or tingling sensations in my fingers or head during migraines. It is bizarre to say the least.

I crashed at 8:30 and woke up at 7:30 this morning, with a freaking migraine. Granted my migraine this morning was manageable. I made it to work and lasted the entire day, but guess what? My post didn’t get written until well after the fact.

Stupid migraines.