October Birthdays Rock

As you know, my birthday is this week. According to the internet, after twenty five your cells begin to die off faster than they regenerate so, guess what. At 26, I’ve officially started dying. Happy birthday to me! I’ll be honest, I’m already looking forward to being retired and drinking whenever I want. That sounds pretty awesome.

Did you know your license expires after five years? I got mine on my 21st birthday and now I get to make a birthday trip to the DMV. Hooray!

Anyway, I absolutely love having a birthday this close to Halloween. As I mentioned in my previous post about horror, I’m a huge fan of spooky things like jack-o-lanterns, bats, and skeletons. I feel like I’ve always been drawn to that stuff, but maybe that’s because I associate spooky things with my birthday. Maybe I was drawn to my first Goosebumps book because the cover reminded me of a haunted house and thus my birthday? I have no idea. Trying to assign motive to things I did when I was five probably isn’t the most logical thing to do.

One of my coworkers recently welcomed his first child about five weeks earlier than planned. The baby is healthy, happy, and now officially an October baby. When I heard the news, I congratulated him of course and then started telling him about how much FUN it is to have birthday parties in October.I had the best spooky cakes and decorations when I was little and he gets to do that for his daughter. How fun!

Also, if you HAVE to have a birthday near a holiday, Halloween is by far the best in my opinion. My opinion is biased, of course, but hear me out. Christmas is of course the worst holiday to have your birthday near because your birthday presents and Christmas presents overlap. You get half the presents any other child would get and it sucks! I feel like Thanksgiving falls into the same vein, not in the sense of presents, but it definitely overshadows your birthday. I wonder how many Thanksgiving babies have heard “oh, we have to go to grandma’s house. We can just have your party there.” No kid wants a party at grandma’s house.

I feel like Easter would be the second best holiday to have a birthday near. Yeah, you might end roped into a church service or Easter party, but you get lots of extra candy on top of your presents. That’s pretty cool! However, it doesn’t come in first because the only birthday decorations you get are pastel. Pastels are so boring.

Halloween is by far the best because you get free candy on top of your presents and you get to have really cool, spooky decorations. You also have an AWESOME excuse to have a costume party and people will actually participate. Try asking someone in the middle of June to dress up and they’ll look at you like you’re stupid. You can also do really fun things at your party, like carve pumpkins. Who wouldn’t want an October birthday?

Now that I’m older, the spookiness of my birthday has definitely diminished. I usually have to work on my birthday and, as a responsible adult, I can’t exactly justify splurging on a ton of spooky decorations. The kid in me definitely wants to spend all the grocery money on candy, but the adult in me keeps telling me no.

Being an adult sucks. But hey, after I get my license renewed I can go buy alcohol. That’s a pretty nice perk!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get some free birthday ice cream. Peace!


The Night Before Christmas

It’s the night before Christmas and where am I now?

Sitting on the floor at my parents’ house,

Writing my blog post, which I need to finish,

Or risking facing some stupid punishment.

You see the problem I have is I’m drawing a blank,

I don’t know what to write, my post is going to tank.

It’s the night before Christmas, but I really don’t want to write,

About giving or holidays, that would just be trite.

I can’t write about crochet, work, or my runs,

I’ve written about all of those and I think I’m done.

I still need a topic, so I’ll just write,

About what I’m up to on this holiday night.

We’ve been watching movies, some old, some new.

And I’ve been crocheting a shawl the whole way through.

I left briefly when my yarn ran out and lost my seat,

To the cat, who is now fast asleep.

So I’m sitting on the floor, trying to rhyme.

I want my stupid blog post to publish in time.

Next time I agree to writing biweekly pieces,

I need to double check holidays, at the very least.

I had to write on Thanksgiving and now tonight,

And writing on holidays kind of bites.


So here’s my frickin’ blog post, I’m finally done.

Merry Christmas, you dork. Love you a ton.