My Real Trip to Australia

I was really inspired by your last post. There are so many in-between moments in life that I love, like the gurgling noise my coffee maker makes in the morning or the golden glow of my desk lamp. I really want to make my own list of in-between moments, but first I want to talk about my trip to Australia.

And no, I’m not a group of spiders cleverly disguised as Emily, as awesome as that would be.

Anyway, I could write a novel about my trip to Australia. There were so many little things that I loved about that trip, like how the air always smelled like fresh rain or how sweet the coffee was. It was an amazing trip. It, in all honesty, changed my life for the better and that’s what I want to write about this week.

10300232_10207499472623028_5190581736642152200_nI feel like using the term “life-changing” is a bit of a cliché nowadays. It’s almost like the word “awesome” in my opinion. We use the word as just a catch-all term for when something is really good, despite the fact we came back from the trip and continued to lead the same life. My trip to Australia was a wonderful experience and it actually did change my life for the better.

Since I’ve returned from Australia I feel stronger, braver, more passionate, and more in control of my life and my destiny. I’m having difficulty finding the words describe how different I feel since my trip. Have you ever been somewhere that you used to know, but things have changed so much you don’t recognize it anymore? Remember when we drove through Tomah on our last trip to Wisconsin? Everything in the town seemed fuzzy and surreal, like we should remember the place, but we couldn’t. Now remember how it felt to turn the corner onto our childhood street? It’s like everything suddenly came into focus and I remember feeling at home.

That’s how it felt coming back from Australia. Like everything in my life suddenly came into focus and I had never realized it was fuzzy.

Going to Australia had been a lifelong dream of mine. When I was little, think elementary school age, I used to watch the Crocodile Hunter almost exclusively. I know, that’s such a silly reason to want to go to another country, but it’s the truth. I’d honestly been planning this trip since I was eleven and I finally got to go fourteen years later. I think that’s one of the reasons I feel braver and more in control. For the first time in my life I had achieved one of my dreams, a dream that no one else had for me. And I achieved it all on my own.

Don’t get me wrong, getting my college degree and finding a place of my own in this world have always been dreams, but those are everyone’s dreams. Do you know what I mean? When I was born, mom and dad never looked at me and said “I hope she gets to go to Australia one day.” No, but they probably said that about getting a college degree and creating my own life.

This trip was also incredibly relaxing. You probably already know this about me, but I tend to be a workaholic. Even when I take vacations from work, I tend to take my work with me in one form or another. I’ll answer emails or worry about upcoming projects, things like that. This trip was the first time I’ve ever let myself completely let go. I didn’t check my email, I didn’t worry about going back to work, I never thought about what I had to do next. I only thought about what I wanted to do next.

For the first time I actually had the opportunity to be honest with myself. I would wake up in the morning and think “What do I want to do now?” Instead of thinking about what I had to do at work or my other responsibilities, I could actually think about my real passions. I could get up, drink coffee, and read my book or I could go for a run. That feeling was amazing and now, despite being back in the states and at work, I’ve actually learned how to be honest with myself. I’m better at prioritizing my day and knowing when I need to take care of my own needs. I also feel more passionate about my hobbies and spend more time crocheting, reading, and writing.

1918243_10207515415581592_98216960889223726_nAs I mentioned, this trip was also wonderful because for the first time I was actually thinking about what I wanted instead of what everyone else wanted. I never had to wait for someone else to suggest something. I would just bring it up myself. The best example from my trip I can give was when I went snorkeling in the shark tank at Underwater World. No one else wanted to do it with me.

Before this trip I would have just not done it because the group didn’t want to do it. I would have worried that people had to wait on me or that, without some one with me, I wouldn’t know what to do. Does that make sense? I feel like I’m rambling. Anyway, on this trip I actually did things for me and trusted that my friends would tell me if they had a problem. I never worried about what other people wanted. I just thought about myself, which yes sounds selfish, but it was something I had never done before. Now I know I can do that and I feel stronger. I feel like I can do anything and that my friends will support me because they love me, not because I bend over backward to accommodate them.

So yes, I would honestly say that this trip to Australia was life changing. I feel like I can do anything now and that all of my dreams are attainable. I feel more worldly and loved. I love myself more to be honest. This entire post probably feels a little sappy and self-help-esque, but it’s the truth.

Sorry to chew your ear off, Daniel. Next post will probably be a list of in-between moments.



My Long Awaited Return

Hello, readers. It is I, Emily, returned from Australia where I did perfectly normal things, like visit the zoo, lay on the beach, and eat human food like Tim Tams and Vegemite. It was a very exciting vacation and we…I mean I am here to tell you all about it, like a normal human does.

I am most definitely not a spider in disguise. No, that’s absurd. It would take more than 200 hundred spiders to impersonate Emily…I mean me. Haha, that’s very silly. Very, very silly.

byronspiderAnyway, the trip started with a trip to Byron Bay. Byron Bay is an adorable little town filled with humans and too many birds and lizards for my liking. We went shopping, had delicious human food, and visited the most Eastern point of the continent. That is where we first spotted Emily….I mean, that is where I saw my first Australian wildlife, including a wallaby, a boa constrictor, dolphins, and sea turtles. There were also a few spiders.

kangaroospiderThe next day we went to the Currumbin Animal Sanctuary. There we fed the nasty lorikeets and saw plenty of lizards, as well as koalas and kangaroos. We also saw lots of mosquitos and flies. We-I was very hungry by the end of the day.

We also went to Brisbane during our…my vacation and went to visit, Tamborine Mountian, the Australia Zoo, and Underwater World. There were lots of interesting, human things to do. Too many to recall off the top of my head. I was so very excited and my tiny human brain just can’t comprehend the excitement.

Humans are notorious for their tiny brains. That is why they’re so easily destroyed by mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. We humans are also prone to killing spiders, which is not acceptable. At least, Emily…I mean I find it unacceptable.

nimbinspiderContinuing with my story, after returning from Brisbane, we…and when I say we, I mean me and the human named Michael….we visited Nimbin, which I believe is the marijuana capital of Australia. The humans in this city were dull and complacent, and perfect. Perfect…meaning they’re easy to work with. Yes.

To end our trip, I and the Michael human climbed Mount Warning. Mount Warning is a beautiful mountain full of lots of bugs and birds and spiders. Lots and lots of spiders, which Emily…I mean I enjoyed. I enjoy spiders. I accept spiders. I love spiders.

It was a very pleasant trip and I would go again to Australia. It was a wonderful country, full of lots and lots of beautiful arachnids. Unfortunately, the rest of the world does not appreciate spiders like the Australians do. It has taken lots of diplomatic trips to bring the humans even this far toward spider acceptance, and humans have a long way to go.

Humans will accept spiders one day. One day they will understand the awesome power of spiders.

I mean, yes, you would enjoy Australia. You should go there.