For the first time since we’ve started this blog I almost straight up forgot to write a post.

And to be frank I haven’t been doing great on my SDoS posts.  I feel like all my thoughts are already on display here for the world to see.  I don’t truly do much anymore.  I write both Dungeons and Dragons and Rogue Trader now, preparing for sessions that will likely never happen.  But I’ve talked about that shit so much already.

I don’t play games, I rarely watch movies, and we don’t consume a ton of TV.  I’m trying to read more, but currently I just plowed through two books on good writing practices.  Both Story and Dialogue by Robert McKee.  Writing about those sounds contrived though.  Like:

“Hello everybody, my name is Daniel and I’ve written nothing of note.  Sit tight as we go over some excellent pieces of advice for when writing a screenplay or novel.”

I keep a tiny notebook in my pocket specifically to jot down any fleeting idea I have for SDoS, Write Makes Right, Rogue Trader, Dungeons an Dragons, Game System ideas, novel ideas— all sorts of shit.

And long, long ago I stopped having ideas for SDoS.  I love writing this blog and I’ve written some fun stuff but I just feel like I don’t do anything interesting enough to write about.  Work is very straight forward.  I don’t even really want to do 3D anymore, so not much to write on there.


Hell, I feel like I’ve written this exact post before.  Perhaps I’m too concerned with what I think people might want to read.  But the thing is— all I can think about when I write for this is that I know who reads this blog so there are certain things that I wouldn’t bother writing about.

For instance: I just went to see you!  Huzzah!

But why would I write about that?  You were there.  On top of that, even if you didn’t read my posts, it would be summed up like, “Its a six hour drive.  When we got there we hung out for several days and walked around town and campus for like 10,000 hours.  Then we drove back right before the massive Eaglecreek fire started up.”  I could write a play by play but one day we walked forever and browsed some shops.  The other day we marathon-ed Rick and Morty.

Perhaps my issue is that there are things I could write about but I have nothing to say.  The fire is bad and I’ll be really sad to see such a massive part of the Columbia River Gorge be reduced to ash, but I have nothing insightful or meaningful to say.  I feel like this blog has already opened me up to talking about so much of my inner dialogue that by the time I make it back to SDoS it feels like I’m retreading old ground again and again.


None of my ideas feel substantial.  I probably need to take time to brainstorm stuff.  When we first started SDoS I brainstormed like, a massive list of ideas.  And I wrote every single thing on that list.

Maybe I just need to take some time and brainstorm?



One thought on “Unprepared

  1. I have been making a list of things I randomly learn or hear about that could be potential things to blog about. Maybe try that. For example, I learned a interesting tidbit about a lighthouse and I made a note about it in my phone. So later I can remember to look it up and read more about it later.

    Or maybe can write a short story about an old memory you’re fond of from high school or college.


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