I am a Wise Owl

So I’m going to be honest, I wrote this post this morning. Instead of writing my post last night, I finished reading American Gods and then watched the first two episodes of the new STARZ adaptation. God, that was such a good book.

I may have also put off writing this post because I couldn’t think of anything to write about this week. I worked, I read, I crocheted, and I exercised. That’s about it. Sometimes I worry that I’m a boring person or that I’m really not meant to be a writer. I can’t even tell my own story, what does that say about my writing career? So not only was I being lazy last night, I was skillfully avoiding an existential crisis.

This morning, when I sat down to write my post, I started connecting the dots about myself. Yesterday I took a personality quiz that identified what I bring into a working environment so that, in the future, I can better sell myself. Well I ended up being the archetype “wise owl,” which means my strongest attributes are mystique and trust.

Let me break it down for you.


Mystique means that I am an unstated and quiet person in the work environment. When I first read this I thought it meant I wasn’t a team player and I wasn’t confident in my own abilities, which wasn’t really a shock to me, but whatevs. Actually mystique not only means quiet, it also means that I am independent, cool under pressure, and actually facilitate teamwork because I listen and take in detail rather than overwhelming a conversation. I can definitely live with that.

I feel like this also explains my short blog posts, Daniel. I’m not lazy, I’m understated which sounds way more fancy.

My second trait was trust, which basically means I’m someone people can rely on. This trait isn’t as fun as innovation or passion or strength, but I think it accurately represents me. I’m reliable, efficient, and I take the time to look at the whole picture and fit within that rather than going off course or trying to step into the spotlight.

Combine these two traits together and that makes me a “wise owl,” which is the person the team that is in the background. I’m here to give advice, help where I can, and listen to those who need a sympathetic ear while still finishing my own work.

When I think of myself like that, of course I have a hard time talking about myself. My whole personality is geared toward propping other people up rather than finding my own stage to stand on. I’m just not wired to think of myself as big and important and interesting and that doesn’t mean I’m not a good writer or storyteller.

Phew. Existential crisis averted.

Going back to the root of my problem, I feel like I really need to start writing down blog post ideas as they come. And also plan out my week so I can do really cool posts like you as opposed to throwing something together the morning of.

I’m so bad at blogging.




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