Why Monster Hunter Generations is Awful

Fucking 180°, bitch!  No one saw it coming!  Not even I!

Flash back to the PS2 when Monster Hunter came out.  I never played it back then, but I heard quite a bit about it.  It was a super hard game where you only fight bosses!

And I was like, “Eh.”

The earliest monster hunter is known as Generation 1.  It was a modest arrangement of monsters but a game like this hadn’t quite existed before.  The game sported only 13 monsters and their variant colors.  There was a mere 7 weapons in the game.

Monster Hunter 2 was also on the PS2 and it opened up a totally new set of monsters and added new weapons.  This game was known as Generation 2.  The entire duality of weapons was built here: great sword/long sword, sword & shield/dual blades, etc.  It added the Felyne companion system.  The levels were slight rebuilds of older maps, but it included the newer and older versions in the same game.

This is where I jumped in on Monster Hunter: when Monster Hunter Freedom Unite came to America.  The PSP title was my first Monster Hunter game and I easily dropped more than 1,000 hours playing it to death.

Generation 3 was an incredible explosion of new content.  Boasting a roster of 24 new monsters and all new levels.  This game gave us the nightmare known as underwater fighting.  I, personally, hated fighting under water- but the fact that is was a thing was exciting and fresh at the time!  It also gave us new exciting variables like elemental blights and unstable environments.  The game became exciting and hard all at once since it did away with many of the clumsy elements of previous games as it was now on the Nintendo 3DS.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was to me the crowning achievement of this series so far.  It was the flagship game for what is called Generation 4.  It did away with even more clumsy combat issues and streamlined many of the aspects of the game to feel challenging but fair.  There weren’t entirely new monsters but we get a good dozen or so and we had all new levels.  It introduced a new vertical way to fight monsters!  Jumping off ledges and climbing became combat staples instead of annoying speed bumps in my way.  The game was an awesome storm of everything I’ve wanted with new, unique monsters.

The reason I bring all of this up is to show you how much innovation takes place in between games.  The games took time to create and were carefully balanced.  Things were introduced as needed or as a niche mechanic.

The core ideas of the games are exploration and monster hunting.  Sounds a little on the nose- but new levels and new monsters make this game.  Weapons and fighting mechanics matter incredibly less than the monsters and levels do.

The game plays like thus: you are a Hunter in Village X and its your job to complete hunting quests for the village.  There is a job board in the village and you pick quests to do at your fancy.  Totally repeatable and grind-able.  As you do more quests you unlock more quests and eventually can rank up to the next set of quests.

The first like- 2 hunter ranks are dumb shit like “Kill 5 harmless beasts” and “Find and bring me 20 molten acorns.”

These missions sound boring, but they exist specifically so that you must go out and explore these new worlds and find all the hidden nooks and crannies where you can find materials on the field.  Since later on the game is about to get really stupid hard they want you to feel accountable for yourself when you get there; none of that “I didn’t know this shit” crap.  Its on you.

They slowly start to sprinkle in new monsters to keep you going.  The excitement and mystery behind these monsters is a huge driving force of the game!  Why are you going to want to do anything?  Because there is a stronger, bigger, more badass dragon just around the corner.  The feeling of the game is directly inside you- not some narrative.  You as the player are getting better and more knowledgeable as a hunter; all of the rewards are directly because of your actions.

Recently Monster Hunter Generations came out.  It came out almost exactly at the same time I was moving, so I didn’t get to jump in right away.  But with the boxes packed and the bed assembled it was time to turn Generations on and begin a new, fresh Monster Hunter quest.

And it’s such a let down.

They’ve created one new level that I have access to so far.  One.  And its essentially a different colored rehash of a level called Primal Forest from the previous game.  Its really flat and dull and feels like kit-bashed elements of older, better levels.

I didn’t find any new monsters in the early game so far.  So I looked up the list to make sure I wasn’t supremely high or something.  There are at a quick count 6 new monsters in the game.


And a majority of them don’t show up in the Guild or Village until you rank up to Hunter Rank 3.

The fuck is this shit.

“But Daniel!” one may cry out, “You just have to wait and then it gets really good!”

That is never what Monster Hunter has been about.  My character (and me, the player, by extension) want to explore and hunt new and exciting things.  The levels are all levels from the first 2 generations.  I know where most things are.  I’ve explored these to death already.  I’m excited to seem them back, but they didn’t even look shitty back on the PSP so why is this supposed to be an upgrade?  Oh yay new shaders that make it look all glisten-y and slimy.

And no new monsters to even make me curious for 2 more entire hunter ranks?  That’s bare minimum in the range of 15 – 20 quests I have to do before the intrigue kicks in?  The opening quests are all fucking chores and without something to make them entertaining they become just that: a list of chores I need to slog through.

“But Daniel!” one cries out again, “The Malfestio was new and it was in Hunter Rank 2!”

Pretzel and I killed that thing our first try.  Like- really quickly, too.  It has no interesting tactics and anything new it threw at me I was totally ready for.  Its character rig was based loosely on the Rathian’s rig from every other Monster Hunter game.  I was prepared for it before I even began the mission.

Granted, the Malfestio is really fucking cool.  Its a giant owl-wyvern.


Killing it felt weirdly cathartic.

Not sure why it couldn’t just be a bird… but it was probably the same designer who made the Zinogre and called it a wyvern, too.

We even made its armor really fucking fast.  My friends may say to me that we have become too experienced as hunters and we are too good for something of its level, but I’ll refer you to the previous generation.  The monsters in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate screwed me up a lot.  Devon and I spent a good couple afternoons dying and laughing because monsters were owning us.  You reading this Devon?  You remember our very first Najarala?  That huge fucking one?

It is true though.  A part of what I’m probably going to experience with all Monster Hunter’s moving forward is that when you have almost 2,000 hours of experience- little if anything at all will really screw me up.  I have developed gaming skills that cannot be lost.  In fact- I believe there is very little to innovate on when it comes to the weapons.

But they tried anyway.

This games biggest selling point was the introduction of new Hunter Styles.  These new styles will grant you passive changes to your combat style!  Also- we are introducing new attacks called Hunter Arts!  Just built up your limit gauge and then you can use Omnislash!


Actually- yeah sure.  That’s pretty much what it is.  And the biggest problems with hunter arts and hunter styles is that it flies in the face of what the core game play mechanics were.  You were a good hunter because you practiced and got good.  You were a badass because you perfectly timed your attacks and intentionally (but more often accidentally) did some totally badass shit.

But no.  Now you press button to anime.

Little pre-programmed animations and attacks that break up the flow of the game.  Easy enough fix though.  I don’t use them.  Most of them are slow, clumsy, and really don’t do much.  But that’s probably because I haven’t invested enough points into leveling my brand new MMORPG skills up.


If Monster Hunter gave me a wolf to ride all would be forgiven.

But worse yet are the passive styles.  The Guild style is your vanilla “I liked how it used to be” move set.  I was using that for a while before I realized how fucking broken Adept Style is.

Adept Style states that if you dodge at the last second of an attack you can pull of insta-moves.  They’re difficult to pull off, but allows for devastating counter attacks.

Aww man.  That sounds difficult.  It’ll probably take me almost 2,000 hours to get really good with that style.



No.  Instead I accidentally ascended to a hunting demigod.  What happens if you dodge at the right moment is you temporarily become invincible and jump clear of the monster.  You can then direct yourself for a counter attack.

So my normal dodge roll became an ultra dodge attack.

Most of the monsters in this game are from previous games that I’ve fought and killed hundreds of times.  I know them like the back of my hand.  So when I see an attack coming I run towards it instead because I know how to dodge it and thus abuse the counter attack system.  I’m running towards attacks?  Do you think that was there goal?

Monster roars used to be annoying because it stopped you to cover your ears.

Not anymore!

The Gypceros using his annoying flash attack that stuns you?

Not anymore!

The Rathian’s fireballs, the Rathalos’ raking claws?

Who even cares!

Monster walking past you bumps you and knocks you over.

You better believe that shit counts.

My own fucking hunting partner accidentally swung at me with a switchaxe.

You bet your fucking ass that counts.


Now you gotta kiss me.

Its all just dodge bait.  Monsters that used to lock you down now just turn me into an untouchable Hunter God.

I am exaggerating a bit, but I’m trying to make a point.  I’m not totally fucking hardcore like Gaijin Hunter or anything.  But I do abuse this shit constantly.  I’m not avoiding attacks- I’m jumping into them.  I’m not protecting myself- I’m just running and gunning.

This represents to me another small step away from what made the earlier games great.  They obviously can’t not innovate, those older games were really flawed.  But the reward you feel from practicing and practicing and grinding and grinding to finally defeat the giant monster is what we love.  The games were much more carefully balanced back then because the controls were shit.  They knew this, so they timed the monsters down to the animation frame to make sure that even with crap controls you still had time.  The monsters didn’t suddenly have huge, unblockable attacks- they might simply use them more or the dodge window shrinks.  Something small and incremental.  It was about being better than yourself every hunt.  The ability to do all of this was locked within you and you simply had to become great to defeat the enemy.

But now you have hunter arts which are “Press button to look really cool.”  You don’t feel cool, you just watch your hunter do something that you, the player, cannot normally do.  You have hunter styles which break the games carefully crafted hunts.  Its not about timing anymore.  Its not about pattern recognition anymore or team work.  Its characters from Bleach trying to be the first to knock the monster over and unleash their Bankai.


I stumbled on a rock.  That poor, poor piglet.

I can’t knock them for trying something new.  They have to continually top themselves and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was the total shit.


It was the shit to end all shits.

But where I feel like they need to spend their time isn’t the game mechanics or play style.  Give us new and exciting worlds.  Give us new and exciting monsters.  The game played just fine; if you want to change a weapon up, do it in small ways, not game changers.  No one asked for a game changer, we just want totally badass things to do– not new ways to do them.  

I’ve got more I could harp on like how the new eating and kitchen system is fucking weirdly esoteric now, and how they added totally unnecessary steps to upgrading your weapons.  There are newer versions of older monsters to fight- but for some reason you need to pay the village to hunt them which makes no sense since you pay me to hunt monsters.  

There are four fucking hub world villages in the game.  I haven’t seen a single reason for this but I guess its vaguely nostalgic.  Thank god you guys spent time making a bunch of useless villages but only spent time making a handful of new monsters.

“But Daniel!” a million voices cry out in terror, “It’s called Monster Hunter Generations!  It is showing us the generations that came before.”  Then they were suddenly silenced.

You cannot have a perspective without a frame of reference.  You aren’t capturing anything from the previous games with everything that you have changed.  You just made a bouillabaisse of a bunch of old assets.  You recycled.  That’s what makes this a better game for newer players.  They don’t have a frame of reference so everything is going to seem intriguing.

They should’ve given us a little bit of new stuff and then each new hunter rank opens up older monsters and older levels.  Make us feel like we are playing through the Generations instead.  This feels formulaic and uninspired.

I’m probably one small annoyed voice in an ocean of praise.  And it deserves it.  This is the perfectly fine game for new players to jump in.  Monster Hunter Generations is a totally playable, fun monster hunter.  Just probably not for me.





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  2. I completely agree, games nowadays focus on graphics rather than story and my mom is banging the next door neighbour ontop of my newly order pizza that I PAID FOR MYSELF. Great post!


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    Oh my god.
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    Kate these are first editions
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    – Okay.
    – One, two…
    – Where you going?
    – I gotta go pee.
    – Anastasia.
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    You’re welcome. Where are you?
    Oh I’m in line, cause I
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    “Go away.”
    That’s it.
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    – I don’t know, I gotta go.
    – Which bar Ana?
    I told him right?
    I’m sorry I didn’t mean…
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    What? Hello?
    – Hey.
    – Oh thanks.
    Are you okay?
    Yes, I just feel a little
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    – Oh that’s cool, I’m good Jose.
    No, I wanna have the courage to do this.
    Do what?
    – Ana, I like you.
    – You do?
    – Very much.
    – Oh my god.
    – No, no, no.
    – Please, one kiss.
    No, no, no Jos, I’m sorry, no.
    – Dude, she said no.
    – Christian?
    – Don’t look at me.
    – Here.
    Nice touch, I will launder this item.
    – Lets get you home.
    – I’m with kate.
    – I’ll have Elliot tell her.
    – Who’s Elliot?
    He’s my brother, he’s inside
    talking to her right now.
    – I, I don’t…
    – He’s at my hotel with me.
    – You’re still at the Heathman?
    – Yes. Come.
    – That’s your brother?
    – Not by choice, lets go.
    Wait what did Kate say?
    She warned me to be on my best behaviour.
    – More like threatened me.
    – She threatened you?
    You’re spinning.
    I think I’m gonna faint.
    What now?
    Eat me, drink me.
    Good morning Anastasia.
    – How you feeling?
    – Better than I deserve.
    Did you put me to bed?
    – You undressed me?
    – I didn’t have much choice.
    Where did you sleep?
    – Dear god We didn’t…
    – Necrophillia’s not my thing.
    – So we just slept then?
    – It was a novelty for me too.
    You… need to eat.
    I had Taylor pick you up some clothes.
    – Who’s Taylor?
    – My driver.
    – Thanks, but you didn’t have to do that.
    – Yes I did.
    Yours were covered in vomit.
    You shouldn’t have drunk like that.
    I’m all for testing the limits but
    – …you put yourself at risk last night.
    – I know.
    If you were mine you wouldn’t
    be able to sit down for a week.
    I gotta go take a shower.
    Why am I here Christian?
    You’re here because I’m
    incapable of leaving you alone.
    Then don’t.
    – Why’d you send me those books?
    – I thought I owed you an apology.
    – For what?
    – For letting you believe that I…
    Listen to me.
    I don’t do romance.
    My tastes are very… singular.
    You wouldn’t understand.
    Enlighten me then.
    – You look beautiful.
    – Taylor has good taste.
    – What are you doing here later?
    – I’m working at the hardware store till 7.
    I’ll have Taylor pick you up then.
    I’d like to bite that lip.
    I think I’d like that.
    I’m not gonna touch you, not
    until I have your written consent.
    I’ll explain later.
    Come I’ll take you home.
    Fuck the paperwork.
    What is it about elevators?
    – Hi, you must be Ana.
    – You must be Elliot.
    And we must be going, Elliot.
    So awesome your place.
    Kate’s told me a lot about you.
    Elliot grab your shoes, some
    of us have work to return to.
    What you’re doing with Mr. Worm
    here, I’ve got no idea.
    Laters baby.
    I’ll see you tonight, email
    me if something changes.
    My computer’s broken.
    Well call then, you know
    you have my number.
    Laters baby.
    – Elliot seems really nice.
    – No, no. We’re starting with you.
    If you’re seeing him again tonight,
    this means that something happened.
    – Ana? Tell me what happened…
    – I have to get ready for work.
    We just kissed. Once.
    Only once? That’s odd.
    – Odd doesn’t even cover it.
    – Uh huh, and a new jacket.
    Hi, its Taylor right?
    Good evening Miss Steele, Mr
    Grey will be joining us there.
    Good evening, Anastasia.
    What, you’re flying this?
    No escaping now.
    November 1-2-2-4. Charlie Tango.
    Ready to depart.
    Charlie tango, your flight plan to
    Seattle has been cleared..
    That’s where we’re going?
    – Would you like a drink?
    – Yes please.
    – You play?
    – Yes.
    Of course you do.
    – Whats this?
    – Its a nondisclosure agreement.
    It means you cannot discuss
    anything about us with anyone.
    I’m afraid my lawyer insists on it.
    I would never talk to
    anyone about us anyway.
    Are you gonna make love to me now?
    Two things: First, I don’t make love
    I fuck… hard.
    – And the second?
    – Come.
    – Its just around this door.
    – What is it?
    – My playroom.
    – Like your xbox and stuff?
    Its important you know that
    you can leave at any time.
    Why, whats in there?
    I meant what I said, the helicopter
    is not standby, for whenever you wanna go.
    Just open the door.
    Oh my god.
    Its called a flogger.
    Say something please.
    Do women do this to you or…
    I do this to women. With women.
    Women who want me to.
    – You’re a sadist?
    – I’m a dominant.
    What does that mean?
    It means I want you to willingly
    surrender yourself to me.
    Why would I do that?
    – To please me.
    – Please you? How?
    I have rules, if you follow
    them, I’ll reward you.
    If you don’t, I’ll punish you.
    You’d punish me, you’d
    use this stuff on me?
    – Yes.
    – What would I get out of this?
    If we were to do this,
    this would be your room.
    You can decorate it however you like.
    You want me to move in?
    Not full time, just
    Friday through to Sunday.
    – We can negotiate the particulars.
    – So… I’d sleep in here with you?
    No I sleep downstairs.
    I told you I don’t sleep with anyone.
    What if I don’t want
    anything to do with that?
    Then I understand completely.
    But then we wouldn’t have any
    sort of relationship at all?
    This is the only sort
    of relationship I have.
    – Why?
    – Its the way I am.
    When you said negotiate, what did you mean?
    I already have the contract prepared.
    Fairly detailed.
    You would review, and negotiate what
    you are and not willing to try.
    How can I know what I’d be willing to try?
    Well when you had sex, was there
    anything you didn’t like doing?
    We have to be honest with
    each other for this to work,
    – I I wouldn’t know.
    – What do you mean?
    – Because I haven’t…
    – You’re still a virgin?
    – I’ve just shown you…
    – I know, I know.
    – You’ve done other things right?
    – No.
    – Where have you been?
    – Waiting.
    Guys must throw themselves at you.
    They’re never what I’ve wanted.
    Your biting your lip.
    – What are you doing?
    – Rectifying the situation.
    I’m a situation?
    You’re energetic this morning.
    – You hungry?
    – Very.
    Because I’m making pancakes.
    Lets get you cleaned up.
    Do you trust me?
    Stay here.
    Hold out your wrists.
    Hold them there. Understand?
    – Tell me you understand.
    – I won’t move my arms.
    Good girl.
    – Stay still.
    – Okay.
    – Say yes.
    – To what.
    Being mine.
    – Shit.
    – Its my mother.
    – I’m naked.
    – Get dressed.
    No need to show me around,
    no need to hover.
    – He’s sleeping Dr. Grey.
    – Still sleeping? He never sleeps in.
    Certainly not at this hour.
    Unless of course he’s ill is he?
    – Sorry Mr. Grey.
    – Its fine I know how she can be.
    She? Darling you can try to avoid me, but
    the least you can do is.
    Call me by my correct name, which is mama.
    – Hi.
    – Oh, dear god.
    Mother, Anastasia Steele.
    Ana, meet my mother.
    Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey.
    You have no idea how
    delighted I am to meet you.
    Its nice to meet you too Dr. Grey.
    Grace. She’s very pretty.
    You are very pretty.
    What happened to calling
    before dropping by?
    And have your head-henchman give
    me the run around here, no thank you.
    I’ll take my chances. Well I was in the
    neighbourhood and I thought perhaps
    we could have lunch.
    I can’t today, I have to drive Ana home.
    Its okay, take it.
    I was just showing mother out.
    Excuse me.
    – Kate, wait.
    – It was a joy to meet you.
    I’m having the whole family
    for dinner at my house.
    Christian’s sister Mia is back
    from Paris, so lets come.
    We’ll see mother.
    – Nice to meet you.
    – You too.
    Thank you.
    I can’t talk about it right now Kate.
    I gotta go, I’ll call you back okay?
    Everything okay with the phone call?
    Yeah, nothing important.
    I liked your mom.
    She’s excited.
    She’s never seen me with a woman before.
    You’re the first.
    What is it Ana?
    I just How many women have stayed in here?
    – That’s a lot of women.
    – I told you before, if you want out…
    I don’t want out, I’m just not
    jumping at the opportunity
    for whips, torture and
    your red room of pain.
    The red room is much more about pleasure.
    I promise you.
    Will we still go out to
    dinner, and movies…
    That’s not really my thing.
    Try to keep an open mind.
    If you agree to be my submissive,
    I will be devoted to you.
    This is what I want.
    And I want it with you.
    Why do I have to sleep in here?
    We slept in the same bed last night.
    Like normal people.
    Try not to get hung up on
    the sleeping arrangements.
    If you agree to do this, you’re
    gonna want your own room.
    Why, because I’ll be your sex slave?
    I don’t wanna do this here,
    lets talk downstairs.
    No. I think I’ll hold on to my
    freewill a little while longer thank you.
    Actually you know what, I would like
    to go home, can I go home?
    – Which one’s yours?
    – All of them.
    Lets go for a walk.
    – How did you start doing this?
    – One of my mother’s friends.
    – I was 15.
    – She seduced you?
    – I was her submissive for six years.
    – Seriously, does your mother know that?
    Of course not.
    No one in my family knows about this.
    Part of me.
    So she introduced you to all of this?
    Mrs Robinson?
    Mrs Robinson? I’ll tell her you said that.
    She’ll love it.
    – You still talk to her?
    – On occasions. We’re friends.
    Ana. I know how intimidating this is.
    I felt the same at first.
    Well What made you change your mind?
    By giving up control, I felt
    free, from responsibilities.
    From making decisions.
    I felt safe.
    You will too, you’ll see.
    I never took anyone in the helicopter.
    Never had sex in my own bed.
    Never slept with anyone.
    Ever. Only you.
    This is the contract.
    Read it carefully.
    Email me if you have any questions.
    I told you, my computer’s down.
    Just consider it okay?
    I really hope you say yes.
    – Thanks for the ride.
    – Laters baby.
    – Um.
    – Okay, you’re all set.
    Your roommate let me in.
    I just figured you forgot
    to tell me about it.
    – Do I look okay?
    – Tell you about what?
    – Just sign here.
    – Hold on, do you have the right apartment?
    Anastasia Steele?
    – Enjoy.
    – Another gift huh?
    What happened to flowers and chocolate?
    I’m dying to hear everything, but
    I have to run right now, cause Elliot
    and I are having dinner.
    And then we’re seeing a show at the Gorge.
    Jose called for you, twice, by the way.
    – Is that some article?
    – No… These are.
    These are my thesis notes,
    I left them at school.
    Oh okay, well there’s yesterday’s mail.
    – What?
    – I don’t know. You look… different.
    – I feel different.
    – Of course you do.
    – Okay.
    – Bye.
    The following are the terms
    of a binding contract…
    Between the dominant and the submissive.
    The fundamental purpose of this contract.
    Is to allow the submissive to explore her
    sensuality, and her limits of safeness.
    The dominant and the submissive agree and
    acknowledge that all that occurs
    under the terms of this contract will
    be consensual, confidential.
    And subject to the agreed
    limits and safety procedures.
    Set out in this contract.
    The submissive will agree to any…
    sexual activity deemed fit and pleasurable
    by the dominant,
    Excepting those activities,
    outlined in HARD LIMITS.
    The submissive agrees to procure
    oral contraception from a physician
    of the dominant’s choosing.
    The submissive will not enter into
    sexual relations with anyone
    other than the dominant.
    The submissive will eat regularly,
    to maintain her health and well-being
    from a prescribed list of foods.
    The submissive will not drink to excess
    smoke or take recreational drugs.
    The submissive will conduct herself
    in a respectful manner.
    To the dominant, and so only
    address him as Sir, Mr Grey.
    Or such other title, the
    dominant may direct.
    The submissive may not touch the dominant,
    without his expressed permission to do so.
    The safe word yellow
    will be used to bring the
    attention of the dominant
    that the submissive is close to her limit.
    When the safe word RED is spoken.
    The dominantes actions
    will cease completely
    and immediately.
    Does the submissive agree to be
    restrained, with hands bound?
    Does the submissive consent
    to being blindfolded?
    Does the submissive consent to be gagged?
    How much pain is the submissive
    willing to experience?
    Its been nice knowing me has it?
    Let me remind you, how nice it was.
    Is this what you want?
    Don’t make a sound.
    That was really nice.
    What are you doing to me?
    What about here?
    Why not?
    Is that breaking the rules?
    – Speaking of which…
    – I haven’t made up my mind yet.
    You’re not staying?
    I told you.
    I don’t sleep with anyone.
    Can we negotiate?
    That’s a hell of a sack Miss Steele.
    Business meeting.
    – Impressive.
    – I’ve done this before.
    – Business meetings I mean.
    – Oh.
    Miss Steele. Your meeting.
    Page 1… strike out my old address
    and replace it with the new one.
    An oversight. Do go on.
    Page 3, section 15-20.
    “The submissive shall submit
    to any sexual activity”
    “… demanded by the dominant without
    hesitation or argument.”
    Turn to page 5, appendix 3, soft limits.
    – With you.
    – Find anal fisting.
    – I’m all ears.
    – Strike it out.
    Strike out vaginal fisting too.
    – You sure?
    – Yep.
    Same page.
    “Is the use of sex toys
    acceptable to the submissive.”
    Vibrators… okay Dildos… fine.
    Genital clamps… absolutely not.
    – Consider them gone.
    – What are butt plugs?
    You must go through quite a few
    non-disclosure agreements.
    My staff know only what
    I choose to tell them.
    Please resume Miss Steele.
    Also, on page 5, there are some terms
    which need clarification.
    – Suspension.
    – Hanging on a rope from the ceiling.
    – For what possible reason?
    – For your pleasure.
    – Really?
    – And mine… something to consider.
    No. Hard limit.
    “Is bondage acceptable to the submissive?”
    I’m good with rope.
    Leather casts, hand cuffs…
    Please lose tape.
    – And whats others?
    – Cable ties?
    Can I just say how impressed I am
    with your commitment to this meeting?
    And in that spirit, I’m gonna
    offer something sweeter.
    How about, once a week, on a night
    of your choosing, we go on a date.
    Just like a regular couple:
    Dinner, movie, ice skating.
    – Whatever you want.
    – Accepted.
    – You’re very kind.
    – I’ll suggest it in Appendix 5.
    I would like to fuck you into
    the middle of next week.
    – You’re not fighting fair.
    – I never have.
    I’ll review all these changes and
    try to arrive at a decision.
    – You wanna leave?
    – Yes.
    But your body tells me something different.
    Your legs for instance.
    The way you’re pressing your thighs
    together under the table.
    The change in your breathing.
    And then your complexion.
    – My complexion?
    – You’re flushed.
    – That could just be the wine.
    – Its the adrenaline.
    Say I did stay.
    What would happen?
    First, I would help you out of
    that little dress of yours.
    – Yes?
    – Then I’d be pleased to discover
    – …that you are naked underneath.
    – Really?
    – Then I would bend you over.
    – Right here?
    – Yes.
    – On this table?
    Thank you for the meeting Mr. Grey.
    This is me.
    Didn’t know I was a collector
    of classic cars huh?
    You’re sure I can’t persuade you to stay?
    Goodnight, Christian.
    – When will you know?
    – Soon, maybe.
    Why do I think you’re telling me goodbye?
    Because I’m leaving.
    You got your speech ready yet?
    More or less.
    – Annie.
    – Dad!
    Sorry I’m late, I had a
    hell of a time parking.
    Oh that’s okay, you’re here,
    that’s all that matters.
    You’re kidding me, I wouldn’t
    miss this for the world.
    I saved you a seat next
    to Kate’s parents okay?
    – I’ll sit where you want Miss Steele.
    – Okay. I’ll see you after.
    Yeah, good luck out there.
    And is also a major benefactor
    for our university.
    Please join me in welcoming,
    Mr Christian Grey.
    Thank you. I am deeply moved by the great
    compliment accorded to me today.
    – He is so hot.
    – Oh god. He so is.
    I heard he’s gay.
    Sustainable methods of farming
    for third world countries.
    The goal? To eradicate hunger
    and poverty across the globe.
    I myself have known what its
    like to be profoundly hungry.
    So this is a very personal mission for me.
    Anastasia Steele.
    Congratulations, you must be very proud.
    – I am. Nice tie by the way?
    – Truthfully its become my favourite.
    – Do you have your answer yet?
    – I’m still thinking.
    Anastasia, just try it my way.
    – Okay.
    – What?
    – Congratulations.
    – Thank you.
    – Dad hi!
    – I am so proud of you Annie.
    Thank you.
    Oh, Kate.
    Best speech of all others.
    – Thanks.
    – Of course.
    Yeah, I agree.
    – Ana? Hi.
    – Hi.
    Ray, have you met Christian Grey?
    Ana’s new boyfriend?
    Great pleasure to meet you.
    My pleasure.
    I really enjoyed your speech.
    Thank you sir.
    Sounds like you’ve accomplished
    some pretty impressive things.
    And what things?
    – Thank you.
    – Okay, I’m gonna go find my family, who are
    impatiently waiting to embarrass me.
    – Visit us soon yeah?
    – Soon as I get an invitation.
    So, how long you two known each other?
    A few weeks now, we
    actually met when Anastasia
    interviewed me for the student newspaper.
    – A picture please Mr. Grey?
    – One minute excuse me.
    Big smile now.
    To celebrate your graduation.
    Among other things.
    Roll your eyes at me again and
    I will take you across my knee.
    So it begins.
    – Come on, I’ve got something to show you.
    – What?
    That’s cute.
    Doesn’t really seem like your style though.
    Its not, happy graduation Anastasia.
    Oh my god.
    Christian that’s a car.
    You don’t miss much do you?
    Thank you but I can’t.
    This is too…
    – Do you like it?
    – Of course I like it, its beautiful.
    But I have a car…
    Where’s my car?
    I told Taylor to fetch
    a decent price for it.
    Christian, this is way too much.
    Did you just roll your eyes at me?
    – Do you know why I’m doing this?
    – Because I rolled my eyes at you.
    And is that polite?
    – Excuse me?
    – No, sir.
    – Do you want more?
    – Yes. Yes.
    Welcome to my world.
    – What are you doing?
    – There a few things at the office
    which require my attention.
    You okay?
    – I just thought that…
    – I enjoyed tonight.
    I’ll see you at my place tomorrow.
    Hi mama.
    Anastasia?, whats going on,
    I’ve left you two messages this week.
    I know I’m sorry.
    I just got a little distracted.
    I’m sorry I missed your graduation honey
    I heard it was lovely.
    And your new beau.
    Ray told me all about him,
    he sounds such a young man.
    Of course, I would’ve preferred to
    have heard about it from you.
    Whats the matter?
    Nothing I’m fine.
    Is he not making you happy?
    He is yeah, I mean most of the time yeah.
    Its complicated.
    Listen honey, if you need a break, you just
    come on right down here.
    Even if its just for a day or two.
    I have air miles, and we could
    talk and have girl time.
    – Promise me you’ll think about it?
    – Yeah I promise. I promise.
    – I love you mama.
    – I love you too darling.
    I gotta go. Bye.
    Looks like you and Grey did
    some celebration last night.
    – Is he still asleep?
    – No, he couldn’t stay.
    Well whose car keys are those then?
    – Those are my keys.
    – Wow Ana.
    Nothing, I’m just…
    Make sure you’re taking
    it at your own pace okay?
    I am, I am, I gotta go.
    Where are you going?
    – Look at this.
    – I’ve seen it, not a bad picture.
    Christian Grey and friend.
    So we’re friends.
    Well it must be true, if its in the paper.
    – So how did it go with Dr. Greene?
    – It was fine.
    But she said I had to abstain from
    all sexual activity for four weeks.
    You know, after I start the pill.
    Just kidding.
    I wanna take you to my playroom.
    – I haven’t signed the contract.
    – I’m well aware. Call it a free sample.
    Eyes down. Take off your shoes.
    Arms above your head.
    You have a beautiful body Anastasia.
    I want you unashamed of
    your nakedness, understand?
    Yes sir.
    Stop biting your lip, you know
    what it does to me. Turn around.
    When I tell you to come into this room
    This is how you’ll be.
    You’ll wait for me.
    Kneeling by the door.
    Hands flat on your thighs.
    Hold out your hands.
    – Did that hurt?
    – No.
    You see?
    Much of your fear is in your head.
    – How does that feel?
    – Good.
    Where are we going?
    Remember my mother mentioned dinner?
    My sister Mia’s in town.
    – You got everything you need?
    – Yeah.
    Dance with me.
    Good evening Mr. Grey.
    They’re here!
    You’re here.
    – Welcome welcome.
    – Ana, you’ve met my mother.
    Hi, lovely to see you.
    This is my father, Carrick.
    Hi, its nice to meet you.
    Pleasure to meet you.
    Is she here?
    There’s been a lot of speculation!
    Oh my god! She exists!
    Its a great apartment, and
    the rent’s not ridiculous.
    Elliot and Jose helped us move in.
    Jose is Ana’s friend, although I
    think Elliot’s trying to poach me.
    He’s a cool guy!
    Ana, where is your family from?
    My step father’s in Montesano
    and my mom lives in Georgia.
    – Georgia? Which part?
    – Savannah.
    How nice! Although I hear it gets really
    humid in Georgia this time of year.
    Oh my god it does.
    Its stifling sometimes.
    Actually I’m going to visit her tomorrow.
    How nice.
    You hear that Christian?
    Some children do visit their
    parents now and again.
    – Hey dad you catch the Mariners game?
    – I heard it went back stream.
    This is news to me.
    When were you gonna tell me?
    I think it was alright though.
    Who wants coffee?
    Actually I promised Ana
    a tour of the grounds.
    Excuse us.
    Christian, I cannot walk
    that fast in these shoes.
    When were you gonna tell me about Georgia?
    You have no right to be mad at me.
    Yeah but I am mad.
    Palm-twitchingly mad.
    You’re mine. All mine.
    Christian, you’re so confusing.
    – Ana.
    – What do you want?
    – What do you want?
    – I want you.
    I’m trying, Christian.
    I know you are.
    Why can’t we sleep in the same bed?
    Why won’t you let me touch you?
    Why does it have to be like this?
    If you would just sign the
    contract you wouldn’t have…
    Why do you care so much about
    the contract Christian?
    – Don’t you like me the way I am?
    – Of course I do.
    – Then why are you trying to change me?
    – I’m not.
    – Its you.
    – I need more, I want more.
    Hearts and flowers?
    That’s not something I know.
    Ana please… its you that is changing me.
    Let me touch you. Let me.
    – Are they burns?
    – I had a rough start in life.
    – That’s all you need to know.
    – Okay.
    The woman who gave birth
    to me, was a crack addict.
    And a prostitute.
    She died when I was four.
    I remember certain things.
    Terrible things.
    I don’t remember her.
    Sometimes, I can see her in my dreams.
    Do you really have to go to Georgia?
    Yeah, I really.
    – This gazpacho is really salty Bob.
    – Yeah.
    You’ll get fat with all this sitting around
    You tell him Ana.
    – I’m not gonna tell him that.
    – Yes thank you Ana.
    I’m just saying gazpacho
    is in a bowl of salsa.
    Now could you hand me some
    chips for my bowl of salsa?
    You can have a carrot?
    What are you getting at with this?
    You’re lucky that I happen
    to love you… very much.
    – I know that.
    – Do you?
    Hmm, I do.
    Oh darling, I think we
    should pace ourselves,
    or at least order something to eat.
    You go ahead, I’m not very hungry.
    Oh, I just have the fruit salad.
    – He can wait.
    – Mom.
    – Holy fuck.
    – What?
    What is it?
    Its Christian, he’s here, in Georgia.
    – Here, here!
    – Mrs Adams.
    Delighted to meet you.
    – Something to drink sir?
    – Gin and tonic.
    Hendrix if you have it,
    otherwise Bombay Sapphire.
    Cucumber with the Hendricks,
    lime with Bombay.
    – I like him already.
    – What are you doing here Christian?
    – I came to see you.
    – I’m gonna step outside for a minute.
    I broke rule 7, clause 5.
    We’ll let it go, lets not talk
    about the contract right now.
    How was your dinner?
    She’s a friend, that’s all.
    She knows me.
    – What did she advise you to do?
    – Well I’m here.
    – Now what?
    – I’ve got a room in this hotel.
    Well I hope you’ll be comfortable in it.
    What are you doing for breakfast tomorrow?
    – Where are we going?
    – Its a surprise.
    I think I’ve reached my quota of surprises.
    We’re almost there.
    Mr Grey?
    Hey, I’ll be your co-pilot.
    How do you do?
    This is my girlfriend, Anastasia Steele.
    We’re at 400 feet, ready?
    – Ready?
    – Yes, ready.
    Hold on tight.
    – Is this more?
    – Oh my god. So much more!
    Oh my god, that was incredible Christian.
    Thank you.
    We aim to please Miss Steele.
    – I thought you didn’t do romance.
    – I don’t. Ana.
    What? What?
    Why are you fighting this?
    What are you afraid of?
    Grey. What? When?
    Have Stefan get the plane ready.
    I’ll be on the tarmac in 30 minutes.
    – What happened?
    – I have to go back to Seattle.
    Come I’ll take you home.
    Oh sweetheart, I wish
    Christian could’ve stayed.
    Bob was looking forward to meeting him.
    I know, he had to get back to Seattle though.
    There’s a um, situation at work.
    I wish I could tell you things
    get easier, but they don’t.
    You just need to get to
    know yourself better.
    – Thank you for everything mama.
    – Take care.
    I will.
    You think I wouldn’t recognise you Taylor?
    Right this way Miss Steele.
    – How does he seem Taylor?
    – Preoccupied I’m afraid.
    – Really?
    – Yes ma’am.
    Well that’s not gonna work.
    Well tell them they don’t have 24 hours.
    That is unacceptable.
    I need to know.
    Just keep me informed.
    – Is everything okay?
    – Nothing that concerns you.
    – I can leave if you want me to go?
    – No.
    That’s the last thing I want.
    I want you, in the playroom, in 15 minutes.
    – What are your safe words?
    – Red and yellow.
    Remember them.
    That sounds so sad.
    Everything you play sounds sad.
    You said you were six and when you learned,
    was it because you wanted
    to please your new family?
    I just wanna talk.
    Why won’t you let me in?
    – We should be talking.
    – Like normal people?
    Is that so wrong?
    Is this because of the contract?
    Because I still haven’t signed it?
    Fuck the contract, I think its a
    little redundant don’t you?
    So then the rules are redundant too?
    – No. The rules stand.
    – And what if I break them?
    – Then there’ll be consequences.
    – Punishment?
    – Why do you want to punish me?
    – Ana.
    Why do you want to hurt me?
    I would never do anything to you,
    that you couldn’t handle.
    But why do you even wanna do anything
    at all to me Christian?
    If I told you, you’d never
    look at me the same way again.
    So there is a reason. Tell me.
    – Do you wanna punish me right now?
    – Yes.
    I wanna punish you right now.
    What if I told you that I feel the same
    way about being punished as you
    do about me touching you, would
    you still wanna punish me then?
    No. But that doesn’t
    mean I wouldn’t need to.
    – Why?
    – Ana stop.
    – Why do you need…
    – Because its the way I am!
    Because I’m 50 shades of fucked up.
    Show me then.
    I need you to show me,
    what you wanna do to me.
    Punish me, show me how bad it can be.
    I want you to show me the worst.
    Its the only way I can understand.
    – Are you sure about this?
    – Yes.
    Bend over.
    I’m gonna hit you six times.
    And you’re gonna count with me.
    – Count, Anastasia.
    – One.
    Is this what you really want?
    You wanna see me like this?
    – Ana.
    – Don’t come near me.
    Does this give you pleasure?
    Don’t you dare come near me.
    Please don’t hate me.
    You will never do that to me again.
    – I’m not what you want.
    – No, you are everything that I want.
    I’ve fallen in love with you.
    No. No, Ana. You can’t love me.
    I need you to leave.
    – I’d like my car back.
    – Taylor already sold it.
    Then I’d like the money
    he got for it please.
    I’ll send you a check.
    Taylor will take you home.
    – Ana.
    – Christian.


  5. I somewhat agree, I thought Monster Hunter Generations was still a fun and exciting game but still not as good as the rest because when my mom caught me masturbating i her bedroom onto a poster of madonna she flipped and pooped in my box of comic books.


  6. So, you guys watch E3 yesterday? So many sexy games I want to smash so badd bro. Hit me up at 345 – 234 – 1229.


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