My Skills are Varied as they are Impractical

As you probably remember, Daniel, we had a long conversation on Wednesday about the skills we’ve picked up in our careers that we just can’t put on our resumes. There are so many things I’ve learned since I started my career, things that are invaluable at work and in life in general, but they aren’t super relevant in a job interview.

So, because I can’t share these skills with an interviewer, I’m going to share them on this blog. Now, I’m going to leave off the…ummm…cattier ones we passed around on Wednesday because I don’t want to be mean, but I am going to share some other skills I’ve picked up.

I also want to share some skills I’ve picked up throughout my life that I’m proud of, but no one has ever asked me about. Some things just don’t come up in conversation, but I’m allowed to be proud of myself, gosh darnit.

My skills include:

  • I can bake delicious cookies, which I learned specifically for a work party.
  • I can drink a ton of coffee and still go to sleep at a reasonable time.
  • I can make origami stars.
  • I can make a rug out of old t-shirts.
  • I’m skilled with Google search and can find an answer to any question within an hour.
  • I have experience with a number of Google Chrome extensions that make your browser look extra fancy.
  • I can name all of the masks from Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.
  • I always set up my coffee pot before I go to bed.
  • I can lick my elbow.
  • I have the entire soundtrack to The Little Mermaid memorized.
  • I always put the cap back on my toothpaste when I’m done.
  • I can french braid my hair, kinda.
  • I have extensive knowledge of werewolf mythology.
  • I have extensive knowledge of Greek mythology.
  • I can turn plastic bags into yarn.
  • I can wiggle my ears and my nose.
  • I can recite the Jabberwocky from memory, as well as a majority of Shel Silverstein’s work.
  • I can beat Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in a single day, including getting all of the heart pieces and the Biggoron Sword. 
  • I can unravel a skein of yarn with my eyes closed.
  • I can recite the alphabet backwards.
  • I can draw a very cute cat.
  • I can make bread that actually tastes good.
  • I have extensive knowledge of beer and beer types.

There are more. I know there are more. Dangit, you spend so much time not talking about these skills and you suddenly forget all the neat things you can do. Oh well. 

What are some of yours?



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