The In-Betweens

I wasn’t sure what to write about today.  I’m still coming off the three week Batgirl rant.  You recommended writing about my cat, but I didn’t really know what to say about her.

This week has been productive, but with the upgrade that was salary I realized that it was more a step sideways than forwards.  I’m being paid more, and less, at the same time.  You ever felt that way about something?  Where it’s way better and super bad at the same time?

Usually my go to when I’m in a not-so-great situation is to declare that its stupid, its poorly thought out, its unfair or bullshit- then after some time I get over it and I adult my way through.

This time I’ve tried something else where I try and just say to myself “That’s how it be” and spend more energy thinking about the outcome rather than the action.

Well I’m finally in a situation where I don’t really get a good solution.  So I’ve been stressed and annoyed.

I feel like sometimes my life is a melancholy punctured by happy moments instead of the other way around.

On the drive home today I was thinking about the little moments in each day that I love.  Usually its the “in-betweens.”  Things that occur between moments, that connect my day and make sure that I’m on track.

I like the little tone my blue tooth speaker makes when I turn it on or off.

I like when I get to work, I drop off my coat and my bag at my desk and walk all the way to the back of the building to get some black tea.

I like how it feels to write with a Tül pen in my grid paper moleskin notebook.

I like the clickity-clack of my mechanical keyboard at my desk.

I like the walk down to my car after work and I listen to the cars roar by.

I like the delicate scratching sound my straight razors make while I’m shaving.

I like the really satisfying thwack that sounds when I deliver a proper kick into a hanging bag.

I like the way my body wash permeates the shower as I’m washing myself.

I love when my girlfriend messages me in the morning.

I like that my books are arranged in the correct order on my shelves.

I like when I have a full set of anything.

I like when I’m able to take the time to clean my desk; it seems like a fresh new start to making a productive mess again.

I like how my cat has to end every encounter with a slow bite of my index finger.

I like the slap sound a playing card makes as it hits the table.

I like the feeling you get when you’ve done everything your supposed to.

I like the solid click of the dead bolt as I lock the door.

I like the smell of my hands after I wash them.

I like the sound of rain on a sidewalk.

I like the gentle dance of smoke that rises from a cigar.

I like when a song is able to effectively use negative space in its melody.

I like the tightness of my feet when I first tie my shoes.

I like finding the Dorito that has been stealing all of the flavor.

I like when a wall has an interesting texture.

I like when I can listen to a song on repeat.

I like when doing something really simple really well.

I like clean, straight lines.

I like sitting at the bar right after it opens and no one has tainted the quiet.

I love when my girlfriend smiles at something I didn’t know I was doing.

I like getting refreshments before going on a long drive.

I like going to a store even when I don’t technically need anything and wondering if I’ll find something I didn’t know I wanted.

I like dragging my finger through dust on an old forgotten shelf.

I like running my thumbnails along the metal clasp of my watch.

I like when I drop something on accident and catch it like a ninja.

I like buying new office supplies.

I like looking at the wall of drinks in a convenience store.

Thinking about these moments helps the stress go away.  It makes the day seem more satisfying.  It makes the little things seem more important than the broad strokes of life.

What are your favorite in-betweens?


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