Muay Thai and Meditation

Oh my gosh I totally get it Emily.

When I finally got hired at Nemo Design one of the first things I was excited about was that my desk could officially become my desk.  I was at some arbitrary desk they selected near their designers and it was blank and bare.  At the time I didn’t care because my job required me to take my work space with me.  I was a contractor.  Contractors don’t have designated desks.

I was a 3D contractor for them for over a year, and of course with that much time spent here the desk slowly started to become “lived in.”  I could leave books or comics at the desk with relative assurance that they’d be there the next day and such.  But I did have to face the fact that when I was out for certain times it was because they had a different contractor at the desk.

And then I was hired.  The desk became mine.  That information all on its own led me into a whole new tier of work focus.  It was mine, and it made me comfortable to nest.  I brought work stuff from home that would live here.  I didn’t need to carry so many notebooks, reference books, magazines, and folders.  Work became easier.  Work became more focused.

So where does muay thai come into this?

(Muay thai for those who may not know is essentially kickboxing.)


I do not look like this

It goes hand in hand with finding comfort in my work.  My workspace is my place to sit down and think.  Muay thai for me is my place to not be sitting and thinking.

One of the fundamental things I learned in art school was that if you had a problem, or if inspiration never came to you, you needed to distract yourself.  If your brain knows that it can solve this, you simply need to give it time and it’ll untie the knots and get back to you later.

While I technically started doing muay thai before I was full time here, it has become an essential part of me planning and working through projects at Nemo.  I tremendous portion of going to the class for me is that it is a focused hour of distraction.  The other parts are health and enjoyment, but those are boring to write about.

I enjoy kicking things!  See.  That would be the entirety of the post.  I’m overweight and have pretty poor self image (unless I’m wearing a Batman shirt).  Also a boring topic.

Muay thai is hard for me.  Like super hard.  I’m a mid-late twenties white suburbs boy who never took to sports.  I’m pretty soft and round.  While I’m not weak, I’m definitely not fit.  I’m your friend who can lug the giant TV by himself when no one else could, but I can probably only make like three to four trips before I need to re-hydrate with a burrito.


This is me, but add an entire Taco Bell

However, the fact that its hard for me means I need to dedicate 100% of my physical and mental powers to what I am doing.  I do not get time to think about how to reorganize the vertices on my 3D shirts so that they all have the same vertex order.

If you know how to do that, call me.

No I need to make sure I can keep up with my partner or risk being kicked in the face.  By the time class is over I’m sitting there thinking about how sore I am, how I need to somehow walk downstairs and shower, and what I’m going to eat.  Usually on the walk about to work I start thinking about my problem again, but this time I can look at it fresh since muay thai flushed out my mind.

I used to do this with dance games!  Primarily Pump It Up.  I used to rock those games and that was my time of day to flush out my mind and focus on something else.

Its the same reason people meditate.  I know a couple of people who meditate.  Hell, I had a class in college once that went over meditation.  But I’m too antsy.  I’m really bad at holding still and thinking about nothing, especially since I can’t cross my legs for very long.

I would recommend meditating to the people reading this.  If you are stressed, if you are stuck, if you feel too pent up; you need to find a way to meditate.  Take fifteen minutes a day and sit down and close your eyes, read a book, knit a scarf, kick a punching bag, play a dance game, or go for a walk.  Most work places won’t be too pissed about 15 minutes.  Hell even normal jobs are mandated to give that to you!

There is no right way to meditate, but there is a right way to clear your mind and give it time to reset.

I’m glad you got your office back Emily!



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