Well, I was thankful…

Well, I had a post about thankfulness that I planned to post today, but you thought that was too obvious a topic for the day after Thanksgiving. I apparently didn’t challenge myself enough so I’m going to write another post. Way to ruin it, Daniel. It’s Thanksgiving for god’s sake. I don’t want to spend time re-writing my post.

So what to write about if thankfulness is off the table? And if thankfulness if off the table, family, food, and Thanksgiving itself are probably also “too easy.” Hmmm, what’s on my mind on Thanksgiving?

Let’s write about crochet.

While we were sitting outside smoking cigars today you told me that my obsession with crochet was not surprising at all. You said that when I decided to start crocheting you were “negative 50 percent” surprised. Crochet is apparently a very “Emily” thing to do, just like collecting antique books and following art blogs that include photos of neatly organized things. To be honest, I never really thought of crochet as an Emily thing to do. It’s something I just enjoy doing, but I guess it does fit into my writer, bookworm aesthetic.

Then we started talking about why we like the things we like, which got me thinking about my crochet. Why do I like to crochet? What is it about crochet that makes it so addicting? When exactly did it transition from a hobby into part of my identity? And yes, it’s part of my identity. Nowadays when a friend finds something online that looks crocheted, it ends up on my Facebook timeline. I’ve accepted that I’m the “crafty” friend in my social circle.

So, why do I like crochet? Well, I like crochet because it’s something I can do with my hands. Have you ever met someone who likes to doodle while in a meeting? It’s the same thing. I usually crochet while I’m watching TV or listening to music. It gives me something to do with my hands while I’m supposed to be listening. However, unlike doodling, when you crochet you’re actually making something. You can’t give someone your doodles for Christmas. You can, however, give a crocheted scarf to someone for Christmas.

What about crochet makes it so addicting? It’s easy and it’s repetitive. Most crochet patterns are just that, patterns. You repeat the same combination of stitches over and over, making the process perfect for when you’re in a meeting or watching TV. You don’t really need to think about it. It’s easy, once you get the hang of it.

So, there you go. That’s why I like crochet. I like it because it’s easy, the end product is pretty cool, and it’s fun. And you know what, I’m thankful for crochet. There, my post ended on being thankful.

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone.



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